So I got a reply from the Nassau County Executive…

Because I am lazy I didn’t feel like typing it all in, so here it is in all it’s quasi-original glory instead, with my address covered up to protect what shreds of privacy I may still have.

Yesterday morning, I also “wacky faxed” the Nassau County Police Department (516) 573-7117 and the Nassau County District Attorney, Kathleen Rice: (516) 571-0834 with the following:

Sign the petition to support Nick Morgan here.

So I’m interested in what the community thinks I should do next? Was what I got from Mr. Suozzi a non-answer? Should I still go down there in person? What do you think?

Is the Pony/Pie/Hide rating system too cutsie?

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  1. and then call Commissioner Mulvey.

    If Mulvey blows you off, go back to Suozzi and complain.

    Not that I need to tell you this, but stay on these guys until you get a real answer.  

  2. …in general with Night Owl’s advice.  The reply you got is disgraceful, ande I doubt you will hear more unless you pursue it.  

    I sent in my couple of pieces, got nothing back but the formal notice of receipt.

  3. That might be a real opportunity, depending on what it is.

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