Obama fact sheet too generous to McCain re renewable energy

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The spin machines work long and hard and fast nowadays. Email boxes around the country are filled with “fact sheets” and other material from campaigns during presidential debates and in the hours afterwards. Among other things, the Obama campaign produced “John McCain’s 26 Lies Tonight“. Lie #16:

RENEWABLE ENERGY: McCain claimed to support renewable energies, but his record shows otherwise. He has voted 23 times against investing in renewable energies and opposed a bipartisan effort to remove tax breaks for oil companies in order to invest in renewable energy.

23 times? Wow, that seems pretty bad … except that the real story is worse than that. On at least 50 occasions, John McCain voted against clean energy or (14 times) simply didn’t bother to show up.

Now, it is good that the Obama campaign is calling out McCain for his disingenuous statements, “lies”, when it comes to supporting renewable energy. For too long,

McCain’s “Green Straight Talk Express” has actually been the “Dirty Energy Twisted Action Delay Machine”.

One way to test John McCain in this arena: compare his voting record with the Barbara Boxer and James Inhofe.

  • McCain voted with Boxer 1 out of 50 times – against signing the Kyoto protocol (note: they were both “not present” several times)
  • McCain voted with Inhofe 42 out of 44 times
  • McCain voted with Republicans unless they voted with Democrats
  • So much for John McGreen