I got a computer a little over two years ago I guess, and I found all the conspiracy sites first for some reason. While there is a grain of truth in everything and albeit more truth in such sites than people want to admit or contemplate, I quit visiting them as soon as violence in some manner was overtly suggested in comments in them, as well as some their radio talk shows. Well, no.

I started initially blogging, because it’s a civic duty in these times and because I don’t want to live in a country of civil unrest. Consequently, I really don’t take violent rhetoric seriously for a reason I already stated.

Americans are being forced to surrender enough liberties to the state to foster a fascist state, the same ones who will continue to “yawn” until it’s them or someone they know. The “patriots” in the minority claiming to heroically implement their 2nd amendment rights will remain domesticated and powerless in the presence of true violent injustice, regardless of their desires to the contrary.

Since a fascist state may indeed arise in the event of a catastrophe, prolonged war, or war with Iran, that makes me wonder what most Americans would do today if a fascist state did indeed arise.

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Again, what would Americans do?

I’ll answer that: the same thing when they learned the state lied about foreknowledge of the levies breaking, that FEMA and Blackwater disallowed aid and evacuation, that martial law was declared, that many innocent people died, and that survivors were labeled “insurgents” for surviving.


Based on our recent past we would turn a blind eye if conditions existed prior to the rising of a facsist state, unique to America as fascist states are. New Orleans is now built on blood, sponsored by state coercive manipulation.

If or when a terrorist attack is used to rationalize the full implementations of the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act, it will be too late.

If and only if survival needs are nearly completely lacking or there’s a proven threat, as in it’s already happened, would I say violence is possible or likely in the manner shown in the video at top. Would that be like Pier 57 as a mass arrest holding facility during the RNC in 2004?

Katrina, nothing. Pier 57, nothing.The “patriots” didn’t learn some of the historical lessons of The Siege of Wounded Knee 1973.

Wounded Knee was a great victory for the Oglala Sioux as well as all other Indian Nations. For a short period of time in 1973, they were a free people once more.

After 71 days, the Siege at Wounded Knee had come to an end; with the government making nearly 1200 arrests. But this would only mark the beginning of what was known as the “Reign of Terror” instigated by the FBI and the BIA. During the three years following Wounded Knee, 64 tribal members were unsolved murder victims, 300 harassed and beaten, and 562 arrests were made, and of these arrests only 15 people were convicted of any crime. A large price to pay for 71 days as a free people on the land of one’s ancestors.

My point is, I doubt they have even thought about it. Too bad they can’t seem to be rational, realistic, and more helpful.

A Declaration of Affirmation of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868

We strongly recommend that the United States develop a plan for the return of the 1868 Treaty Territory to the Indian tribes so named, and that such plan shall also include compensation for the repair of all environmental damage including damage to the land, water, forests, minerals, air, animals or other ‘natural resources.’

We strongly recommend that the United States develop a plan with enough appropriations for the repair of the societal structures of the Indians named for a period of at least 10 years.

We strongly recommend that the United States cease blocking the Great Sioux Nation and other Indigenous nations of the North American continent from participation at the same level as other Nation-States in the United Nations and other International Fora by the practice of the United States of declaring that such Indigenous nations are domestic nations when in reality the United States is illegally occupying Treaty territories and destroying the economies of once independent Indigenous nations.

See, only “We strongly recommend” and no violence. Why? Violence isn’t the answer.

Concluding, the “patriots” in the minority claiming to heroically implement their 2nd amendment rights underestimate what they would be up against and foolishly parade around such nonsense around like it’s nobody’s business. They only do what Dr. Martin Luther King warned us all not to do, which is to give them an excuse.