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McCain’s Utter Disdain for Meaningful Energy Plans

Architecture2030 is a tremendous group, with concepts that should be seized and acted upon as part and parcel of moving forward toward an Energy Smart future. Recently, they’ve made a bit of a name for themselves with excellent graphics that call out just how sensible John McCain’s energy policy proposals are for changing the nation toward a better path forward.  

Today, they just released the graphic to the right.  

Yes, according to their work, 20 years from now, John McCain’s 45 nuclear power plants would provide just over two percent of business-as-usual electricity generation.  

Trance Politics, Part Deux: Joe the Republican Entrepreneur

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Pink might be the new Black, Thursday might be the new Friday, and Joe The Plumber (JTP) might be the new Sarah Palin.  In other words, yet another gigantic distraction.  One with little political or economic substance.  Exactly the kind of distraction that diverts us from the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, universal health care, AIG, the DJIA, Gitmo (remember Gitmo?), renditions and torture and empire and the gaping hole in your 401k.  In other words, yet another gift from the sinister mind of Rove and the Traditional MediaTM.  Put simply, who gives a damn about anything important when we can play around with bald headed JTP?

Tech Today

Synthetic telepathy.


Well engineering students have shown they can to the process in reverse.

They can controll a wheelchair using commercially available off the shelf equipment.


While it is great the private sector is taking up the noble cause of helping disabled people I still ponder what DARPA and the other alphabet soup “intelligence” agencies are cooking up, with unlimited funding no less.

Let’s see how this baby runs…

The MSM would have us all believe that this election is about “Hockey Moms,” “Joe Sixpack” or “Joe the Plumber.” But as they obsess about all of this, there are stories going on under the radar that haven’t seen the light of day. Thankfully, this time around, we have the breadth and depth of the blogs to get these stories out there. Its where I’m finding my inspiration these days.

Perhaps the most untold story of this election is the ground game that the Obama campaign has developed. I first learned about all of this from our own Populista back in February from an essay titled Obama for Organizer-In-Chief. In it, Populista explained how, during the primaries, Obama was using his community organizing background to build a campaign ground game around the principles of “Respect. Empower. Include.”

This really caught my attention, so over the last few months, I have been trying to read the few stories that are out there about what is going on and how its working. Even the blogs are not paying this story much attention. The ones who are include Zack Exley at The Huffington Post, Al Giordano at The Field, and Sean Quinn at FiveThirtyEight.  


“I KNEW he was Irish!”

UPDATED 11/05/08: New version for Obama’s victory.

Tip o’ the hat to Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys

This. Is. Awesome.

Quote for Discussion: Met the Banker and it Felt Like Sin

I’ve always been a religious man

I ‘ve always been a religious man

but I met the banker and it felt like sin

he turned my bailout down

The Banker Man, he let into me

let into me, let into me

The Banker Man, he let into me and spread my name around

He thinks I ain’t got a lick of sense cause I talk slow and my money’s spent

Now, I ain’t the type to hold it against, but he better stay off my farm

Cause it was my Daddy’s and his Daddy’s before

and his Daddy’s before and his Daddy’s before

Five generations of an unlocked door and a loaded burglar alarm.

Lots of pictures of my purdy family

lots of pictures of my purdy family

lots of pictures of my purdy family in the house where I was born.

House has stood through five tornadoes,

Droughts and floods and five tornadoes.

I’d rather wrastle an alligator than to face the Banker’s scorn

Cause he won’t even look me in the eye

He just takes my land and apologize

with pen, paper, and a friendly smile, he says the deed is done.

The sound you hear is my Daddy spinning, The sound you hear is my Daddy spinning

The sound you hear is my Daddy spinning over what the Banker done.

Like to invite him for some pot roast beef and mashed potatoes and sweet tea

follow it up with some banana pudding and a walk around the farm

Show him the view from McGee Town Hill

Let him stand in my shoes and see how it feels

to lose the last thing on earth that’s real

I’d rather lose my legs and arms

Bury his body in the old sink hole

Bury his body in the old sink hole

Bury his body in the old sink hole under cold November sky

Then damned if I wouldn’t go to church on Sunday

Damned if I wouldn’t go to church on Sunday

Damned if I wouldn’t go to church on Sunday

and look the Preacher in the eye.

~Drive-By Truckers, “Sinkhole”

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