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Everyone knows that the first Presidential Debate is supposed to take place tonight, but once again we have a member of the GOP trying to put the skids on Democracy, read the 2000 election and the supreme’s, by refusing to show because, admitted himself he understands little about economics, he’s going to save Wall Street Bankers and the Country from Collapse. Now he’s coming to the rescue some 10 or so days after all the bad economic news started survicing, but for Our Savior “Better late than never, Not!”.

My guess is that if there is a Debate tonight it won’t be on the main subject lines it was to cover: Foreign Policy and National Security. It will be covering the economy or at least much of it will be because of the News that has sucked the air out of everything else.

But wether it covers the intended subject matter, tonight or in another, or not, just in case there are extremely important things to be brought to the Debate about our now lack of a Foreign Policy especially as to our National Security.

The debate will, or will not, take place at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, known colloquially as Ole Miss. NPR has a very good writeup as a leadin: Site Of Presidential Debate Has Come Far From Past for this historic event in more ways than one.

We are a Nation and People that seem to like to use ‘God’ an awful lot, we say we are a Tolerant Nation, and a Peaceful Nation, we Condemn others for not being so and for practicing Inhumane Treatment of others.

But instead of following what we preach we have many, some elected and large portions of the population, that think we can go and Destroy and Occupy other Countries and somehow be Secure in the fact that we’ve Killed and Maimed others, instead of leading by example and word and making friends of others we Enhance the Hatreds and Create Enemies than call ourselves Secure. Through our actions even those that allie with us have Little Respect for us, not just our government but Us.

Lets look at the why our National Security is now in jeapordy for possibly decades to come and why the World has lost any remnants of Respect they once gave us:

Introducing Iraqi Refugee Stories:

Voices Missing From Media Describe Life in Exile

Watch “Hiba’s Story,” one in a powerful new series of video accounts by Iraqis who have had to flee their home.

Beyond the violence and instability of Iraq is the largely untold story of Iraqi displacement and exile and its enormous human consequences. A new website, Iraqi Refugee Stories, is now giving voice to the growing crisis and providing concerned individuals viable avenues to take action.

“The silent story of Iraq has been that of the millions who’ve been displaced within their country or who have fled to neighboring countries and are now living in limbo. In countries like Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, Iraqi refugees can’t work legally and are often hiding at home for fear of deportation because they’re unable to renew their visas,” said Jennifer Utz, a video journalist, founder and creator of Iraqi Refugee Stories. “The media coverage of the issue has largely focused on the plight of military interpreters, while countless other vulnerable individuals have virtually gone unnoticed, such as single mothers, members of minority religions, the elderly and those in need of serious medical assistance.”

In this video clip, a young woman named Hiba, whose family fled Iraq in 2003 only to be denied entrance to Jordan, describes the four years they spent living in a tent in Ruwayshed, a refugee camp on the border, saying that she often thinks about her classmates and wonders whether they lived or died.

To learn more, visit Iraqi Refugee Stories.

Or how about one of the main reasons the violence has dropped, even though Iraqi’s and Soldiers are still being killed and maimed:

After Siege, Wall Sadr City’s New Oppression – 09.22.2008

Iraq, Baghdad/Sadr City – After the failure of many security plans proposed by the Iraqi government and US military strategists, a recent plan, hand-in-hand with the so-called “Surge,” was designed. It was a desperate attempt by the US and Iraqi military forces to control the Sunni-Shia militia. At the suggestion of military leaders, the Iraqi and US governments decided to build walls to separate neighborhoods and to control militias and insurgents from entering or exiting any neighborhood without passing a checkpoint. The first wall was built in Adhamiya, in April 2007. Despite protests and opposition, United States military and Iraqi National Guard forces began to erect a wall surrounding the neighborhood of Adhamiya. The people living in the neighborhood engaged in several demonstrations against building the wall, and even Prime Minister Maliki, a Shi’a critical of the neighborhood, publicly protested the plan. Despite his intervention and public discontent, the wall was built and finished by late April 2007.

These walls tend to be approximately 3 meters in height and made from concrete. In some areas the top of the wall is covered with concertina wire to prevent intruders from climbing over the wall. There are patrols set to guard the wall and they are present around the wall daily, and at all hours, to protract the wall from being attacked or bombed by insurgents.

Another wall built at end of April 2007, but this time in Ameriya, this wall is approximately 10 kilometers in length and again 3 meters high. In September 2007 yet another wall was built in the Saidiya neighborhood. The wall surrounding that district was 23 kilometers, and by the end of 2007 there were over 50 different walls built around different neighborhoods across Baghdad.

In May 2008 a wall was built in Sadr City after battles between the US military and the Mahdi Army. There are approximately two million citizens living inside the area now known as Sadr City, probably the largest single group impacted by one of Baghdad’s walls. Previously they could come and go via nine major entrances. Many shops were force to close because of the wall, the shop owners found they could not complete there work anymore due to the wall sitting just in front of their shops.

Or how about Getting to School in Iraq

Would you want to live like this, Would you want your children to live like this, Would you want to live in a Destroyed and Occupied Country, Would you develop growing Hatred for being forced to live like this in your destroyed country, Would you search for retribution for the loved ones, friends, and killed and maimed, and your country destroyed, in an occupation by an outside military force, What Would You Do??

And what happens in Wars of Occupation and Wars of Choice, the Soldiers know:

Winter Soldier: OIF and OEF Soldiers the Book

Back in March of this year History repeated itself. A history many of us Vietnam Veterans felt would never be repeated for we swore we wouldn’t allow the country we served to ever allow itself to be led into another debacle of human destruction, a War Of Choice, an Occupation Of Innocent Others!! The country, back than, even seemed to grasp the huge mistake we had made in the policies set forth by those we elect to lead, they themselves said “We will learn from the mistakes made!”, we didn’t, and others don’t neither!

Book Exposes Iraq Occupation Through US Soldiers’ Eyes

Aside from the Iraqi people, nobody knows what the U.S. military is doing in Iraq better than the soldiers themselves. A new book gives readers vivid and detailed accounts of the devastation the U.S. occupation has brought to Iraq, in the soldiers’ own words.

Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan: Eyewitness Accounts of the Occupations, published by Haymarket Books Tuesday, is a gut-wrenching, historic chronicle of what the U.S. military has done to Iraq, as well as its own soldiers.

Authored by Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) and journalist Aaron Glantz, the book is a reader for hearings that took place in Silver Spring, Maryland between Mar. 13-16, 2008 at the National Labour College.

“I remember one woman walking by,” said Jason Washburn, a corporal in the U.S. Marines who served three tours in Iraq. “She was carrying a huge bag, and she looked like she was heading toward us, so we lit her up with the Mark 19, which is an automatic grenade launcher, and when the dust settled, we realized that the bag was full of groceries. She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces.”

Glantz admits that it would be difficult for the average U.S. citizen to read the book, and believes it is important to keep in mind while doing so what it took for the veterans to give this historic testimony.

“They could have been heroes, but what they are doing here is even more heroic — which is telling the truth,” Glantz told IPS. “They didn’t have to come forward. They chose to come forward.”

Few are Sacrificing yet there are still many, who aren’t, that support our agressive actions towards others and seem to relish in  making the tens of thousands of enemies that will only take a few to destroy any feeling of a strong national security, for the country or the citizens wherever they travel.

The Brave New Foundation, for the past thirteen weeks, have had a series of very important online inner active Video Shows called “In Their Boots”.

The last three weeks have covered a group who have Sacrificed Everything, their Spouses, but are coming together to move on with their lives and give meaning to the loss of their loved ones.

You can watch the video’s here, they are about a half hour each, or at the site, where you can catch the previous important episodes and sign up to be notified prior to the wednesday evening coming episodes, But These Three Are Extremely Important, Especially For Those Not Sacrificing Anything!!

Topic: The American Widow Project We Regret to Inform You Chapter 1

Originally aired on September 10th, 2008

Led by Taryn Davis, a group of young military widows band together in a new peer support network called the American Widow Project.

Taryn Davis

War Widow

James Sheeler


Final Salute Site: A Story of Unfinished Lives

Jim’s Book: Final Salute: A Story of Unfinished Lives

Taryn Davis

Last year, 22-year-old Taryn Davis’ world crumbled. On May 21, 2007, Taryn was told her husband, Army Cpl. Michael W. Davis, had died from wounds sustained from an IED explosion in Iraq. She was crushed. Unable to find the peer support she needed from other recently widowed military spouses, Taryn founded the American Widow Project four months later to help her cope with the loss of the love of her life. Using the power of the internet, Taryn has been able to reach out to over 100 young military widows (the majority of which are under 30), offering them peer support and help with whatever they might need.

Nicole Hart

Nicole Hart, found her soul mate when she was 16-years-old and married him three years later. Then, this past winter she lost him. On January 8, 2008, Army Sgt. David J. Hart was killed while trying to help one of his wounded men. Nicole, now a 23-year-old widow, didn’t know life could go on without David, and sometimes she still doesn’t understand how the earth continues to rotate. But, with the peer support from her new friends at the American Widow Project, she’s realizing that if she gets into her wedding dress on her anniversary and flips through wedding photos, she’s not weird, and she’s not alone.

Windy Link

Windy’s husband Sgt. Joey Link died while serving in Quatar as Air Support for the war in Iraq. Not only did he leave behind his wife Windy, but he also left behind two sons, and their baby daughter, Rylee. This summer, Windy left Rylee for the first time to travel to Austin, Texas to hang out with, and lean on, her new friends with the American Widow Project.

Topic: The American Widow Project ***** We Regret to Inform You Chapter 2

Originally aired on September 17th, 2008

Nicole Hart

Ami Neiberger-Miller

Communications & Public Affairs Officer

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)

Topic: The American Widow Project**** We Regret to Inform You Chapter 3

The Women of the American Widow Project

Originally aired on September 24th, 2008

We Regret to Inform You Chapter 3

The Women of the American Widow Project

And a short clip of these young widows moving on together.

American Widow Project–A Light-Hearted Video Clip?

In Their Boots: We Regret To Inform You – Surfing

Visit their site and show your support to these Military Widows and their families