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Overseas American Voters: Military, Civilian, and Kids Old Enough

New online tool to aid with overseas voting is launched

An online tool was launched this week that proponents say will make it easier for overseas Americans to vote if they have requested but not received their absentee ballot.

22.07- Thanks for nothing.

This won’t be the longest or most detailed essay I have ever written because like John McCain and the Republican Party I know nothing at all about economics.

I do know numbers and recognize milestones however and I would be remiss if I let this one pass without remark-

On January 19th 2001, the last trading day before W took office, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 10,587.59.

Today, September 17th 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 10,609.66

That’s a gain of 22.07 points over the 2,798 days (7 years, 7 months, and 29 days) he has been in office.

Thanks for nothing asshole.

Four at Four

  1. The Washington Post reports McCain Able to Skirt Limits of Federal Financing. Despite “Obama’s record $66 million haul in August” and “McCain’s decision to finance his bid with a single $84 million infusion from the federal government — has not given Obama a clear financial edge.”

    “Senator Obama’s advantage is not emerging as people thought,” said Lawrence M. Noble, a former Federal Election Commission general counsel and an Obama supporter.

    The reason has less to do with Obama’s fundraising… than it does with McCain’s ability to maneuver within the confines of the Watergate-era funding program, Noble said.

    With backing from the Republican National Committee, McCain has taken advantage of loopholes such as “hybrid” television advertisements and joint fundraising committees that may keep him close to financial parity with Obama…

    The hybrid ads and the use of joint fundraising committees are, in Noble’s view, “the final distortion” of a presidential financing system that many have considered outdated for years. Because McCain has found other ways to both raise and spend money during the general-election race, Noble said, “it effectively means he is getting an $84 million subsidy for his campaign.”

Four at Four continues with two stories of the decline of the United States on the international stage and a report from the American Physical Society.

Obama: It’s Time To Hear From Your Gut

We’re hurt. We’re struggling. We look at our children and our dwindling bank accounts and piling debt and wonder how we’re going to make it. Will my company be bought tomorrow? Will I have a job?

What will happen to my kids?

Barack, I love your intellect. I appreciate the fact that you’ve presented real, tangible plans to fix our economy.

But I need to know that you get me.

Iraq Moratorium begins Year 2 on Friday, Sept. 19

The Iraq Moratorium marks its first anniversary on Friday, but it won’t be a celebration.

The goal when the Moratorium was launched in September 2007 was to put itself out of business by ending the war and occupation of Iraq.

Despite George Bush and John McCain’s belief that we are somehow winning, there are more US troops there now than there were a year ago.  The war itself is five and a half years old.  

If McCain becomes president, there is no end in sight.  If Obama does, we’ll eventually get out, but it will take continued pressure on him and the Democrats in Congress to do the right thing.  (We elected a new Congress two years ago to end the war; how’d that go?)

The Iraq Moratorium, inspired by the Vietnam Moratorium that helped end that war, was created to reach out to the two-thirds of the American public who say they oppose the war but don’t do anything to try to end it.  It’s what Nixon called the silent majority, except that now they are on the antiwar side.  But they are still silent.

The Moratorium is a simple idea.  It asks people to interrupt their daily routines once a month, on the Third Friday of every month, and do something to call for an end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

It can be something simple, like wearing a button or armband to work or school.  Or it can be dramatic, like taking part in some kind of major rally, march, occupation, die-in or other action.  Some choose to challenge authority and get arrested.  Others send an email to their Congress member.  There is room for all of that and everything in between.  There are no rules, and only one requirement to be part of Iraq Moratorium day:  Do something!

You’ll find lots of ideas for individual action and a listing of events at the Moratorium website.  You’ll also find reports, photos and videos from previous actions.

Operating on a shoestring and relying on volunteers, the Moratorium sparked at least 1,322 events in 42 states and 256 communities during its first year of operation. (Those were listed; many others just happen and are never added to the list or the count.)

Imagine what it could accomplish with a little money and even a tiny bit of media attention?

Help make it happen.   Donate something if you can, knowing that every badly-needed dollar will be put to immediate and effective use in the cause of peace.

But, more importantly, do something.

You may not end the war.  But acting can be its own reward.  Give it a try.


Republicans are Liars

“I am a uniter, not a divider”

Thus was the first (?) lie uttered, almost like a ceremonial first pitch. George had no intention of uniting anyone, of course. Like all the Republicans, was out to loot the government and maybe start a war or two to prove how tough he was. It goes without saying that if you are going to loot the government you are going to have to tell a few lies along the way. Just like starting wars, it is Tradition for Republicans!

George Bush is a liar.

“And we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons.” Dick Cheney, March 16, 2003, NBC Meet the Press interview with Vice President Cheney.

Dick Cheney is a liar.

In front of the 9/11 Commission, in front of House Oversight, in front of Senate oversight, and just about anywhere else you can think of Condi Rice has lied her ass off. As did Alberto “Fredo” Gonzales. Hell if we had an actual Congress with actual powers he would have, should have, been impeached for perjury. Don Rumsfeld lied even when his lips WEREN’T moving. From top to bottom, the Republicans are bald faced liars, spinners and deceivers, the list goes on and on…(see below!)

And of course, John McCain and Sarah Palin are currently trying to set a record (apparently) for most lies, flip flops, back tracks, prevarications, weasel words, insinuendo, (yeah, I had to make up a whole new word!) and just plain whoppers in a single campaign. Hell, even KARL ROVE says so!

But finally, FINALLY, the traditional media seems to be catching on and willing to call McCain and Palin on their lies. Will this be contagious? Will the CorpMedia now go back and review the last eight years? (or 30, or back to Nixon?)

Republicans are liars. Period. They will say and do anything to get into power and then…..screw everything….and everybody….up. They are not JUST liars, they are also incompetent. In fact the only thing the Republicans are NOT incompetent at is…..lying. But apparently they have even lost that skill now. When ROVE criticizes you for bad lying, you know it is all over. All the media has to do now is to be honest with the American people, keep pointing out the lies and spin, and this election is over. All the American voter has to do is wake up and smell the Bullshit…and the election is over. Heck it is even possible the The Republicans could be over. Americans don’t LIKE lying liars.

Don’t hold your breath, but DO raise your voice and Yell It Loud: Republicans are Liars.

Global Warming refugees on DC streets

Every day, it seems, brings fresh news and fresh images of Global Warming‘s mounting impact on humanity (and human activities), local ecosystems, and the global ecosystem. Just coming across my desk are images of Global Warming refugees appearing in the nation’s capital.

These refugees provide dramatic images underlinign “how global warming is making polar bears homeless by causing the sea ice they rely on to melt, threatening many polar bear populations with extinction.”

Sarah Palin credits her electoral success… on a witch hunter.

The Sarah Palin stuff is annoying but this one should grant an exception.

Raw Story is reporting that Republican veep nominee Sarah Palin credits her electoral success on a preacher who claims he can successfully hunt down witches. Raw Story’s John Byrne writes the following.

“In 1988, Pastor Muthee and his wife traveled to Kenya after being “called by God.” Setting up shop in the basement of a grocery store, they claim to have brought 200 people “to God” and away from the town’s “spiritual oppression.”

The source of the oppression? Witchcraft, Muthee says. When researching the community, they found that a woman named “Mama Jane” ran a divination clinic that drew a large following in the town.

“We prayed, we fasted, the Lord showed us a spirit of witchcraft resting over the place,” Pastor Muthee said.

Muthee made his experiences into a video called Transformations, which documents his “spiritual warfare” against demons and occult practices. Spiritual warfare is more common in Latin America and Africa, where the concept of day-to-day demons has a stronger hold. The video’s trailer is available here.

Here’s the video of Palin crediting the pastor.

So much more. Read the rest of the story here.

OEF/OIF Suicide Toll and Reading Materials

I want to point you to a friends website PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within if you hadn’t know about Ilona’s work and research, or if you’ve visited but not in awhile.

And point you to her recent post OEF/OIF Veteran Suicide Toll: Nearly 15% of Overall U.S. Military Casualties Result from Suicide

I’m only going to give you a small snippet of her post, visit and read the rest, for there are a number of link backs giving one an open window in the problems that war and occupation theaters inflict on those who serve in them, as well as the people of the occupied and destroyed countries.

Open Thread


Constitution Day Thread  

“Pompous, Self-Serving Son of a Bitch” Endorses McCain”

As the GOP primary battle waged, the wingnuts including Paul Weyrich opposed McCain with all of their holy rightousness and threatened to vote third party.  

Who is Paul Weyrich?

Paul Weyrich, often called the founding father of the conservative movement, cofounded with Edwin Feulner (and a lot of Coors cash) the Heritage Foundation in 1973. He currently is associated with the secretive far-right outfit the Council on National Policy and heads up the Free Congress Foundation, described by Matt Bai of the New York Times Magazine as “an army of well-financed, loyal ideologues, each occupying a place in the power structure and with enough reach to turn ideas into policy. Link

Many conservatives would at least consider his views when voting.  

Why I’m a little worried about the drop in oil

Can’t sleep, been thinking about the price of oil, worrying about it to be honest. Now you may be thinking “Venom, what are you crazy? A putz? A drop in the price of oil is a good thing!”  And I would reply, yes, under normal circumstances it is.  But these days, things ain’t so normal.  Actually, right now, oil is up since yesterday, but it’s been in a slide for the past week or so.

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