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A Correct Decision and Celebratory Beers

How do I decide to end a 22 year stellar career in my chosen field.  Well simply put when the color of your new supervisor’s nose is brown from the colon of his immediate supervisor above the health of God, country, common law, the Magna Carter, normal human decency and rational common sense I might decide that such an endeavor is not sustainable.  I say “SUSTAINABLE” because “SUSTAINABLE” is in fact the newest of business Orwellian buzzwords.

The options presented to me are to accept an “early””retirement” package, a buy out and promisory note of me not writing the next Naomi Klein Destructive Capitalist Assholianism or business case study of Satan in current Murikan business practices.  Hell,,, I might say fuck em and write it anyway cause being unemployed  and looking for that ultimate bridge abutment to live under there is not much I have that they could sue me for.

Ravings of a delusional paranoid?  Hardly.  I have three patents and two trade secrets.  You buy the results of my research.  The results of my research save money and energy so they are green.  Problem is they can hire nine “Chinks” for one of me.  Yeah, I do disparage the delusional Kumbaya “left”  and their political correctness by uttering the world “Chink” even while I think about how I can help my Chinese collegue get her project done in my off time, in my remaining days in a company I have come to loathe and see as a Kingpin in the Illuminati Plan to Destroy America.  How ironic is that.

“Chink” here in the derogaroty sense has to apply to the RED Chinese government and not the billions of oppressed people residing in that part of the world known as China and the financial houses of the entire western world which have financed their Gold Rush industrial age.  The seventy year old women who applied to protest the taking of their homes for the scam of the bread and circus Beijing Olympics.  Watched zero minutes of that BTW.  Principles to uphold don’t you know.

The wonders of fall, bugs go away, time on my hands and the opportunity to practice Apocalyptic horse riding skills.  I did say He was bonding with me lately and giving me much less shit right.  Let us all know if the stormtroopers show up in your neck of the woods, Okay.…

It is the reward of society for your grandchild’s years of service to the fuckwads of the Illuminati.  How is that “sustainable”.…

News You Won’t Read in the Paper: Unemployment 10.7%

This is the follow-up to News You Won’t Read in the Newspapers: Unemployment breaks 10%.

Yes, that’s right. 0.3% higher than the broad-unemployment peak two years after the 2001 recession kicked off. What you will read in the papers, though, is that “the” unemployment rate hit a five year high. That’s what you’ll see in the headlines … the headline unemployment rate.

The fact that broad unemployment seems to be at its highest point since they started calculating it this way in the mid-90’s? {*chirp*} {*chirp*} {*chirp*}

Family Dirt, part 2 (Mabel and Florence)

There is summer, and there is summer.

For those who live in seasons that change, that air, that scent of heat and sun, (because the sun does smell of life and air and heat and all things hot and white-yellow bright), the summer air is fleeting. Summer raises the heart, like a glad sweet song, then whispers to the soul silently with sweet-bitter notions of cooler Autumn straight ahead. Autumn, days that masquerade as portage between brief spurts of hottest days and stifling nights to cooler twilight and longer, darker, colder Winter.

Look at the fate of summer flowers,

  Which blow at daybreak, droop e’er evensong;

  And, grieved for their brief date, confess that ours,

  Measured by what we are and ought to be,

  Measured by all that, trembling, we foresee,

  is not so long!

(part 1, go here)

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An Important Political Quiz

A quiz.  Please look at the four following images.

Item A (an elephant):


Item B (a wooly mammoth):


Item C (a tapir):


Item D (a logo):


The St. Paul, Minnesota convention is over.  In light of that event and what you may have learned from it, which of the above do(es) not belong?  Your reasoning in the comments, please.  

Four at Four

  1. Can they still call it a “surge”, if it has become permanent?

    The Pentagon is recommending keeping U.S. troops levels in Iraq steady until, at least, February 2009. The NY Times reports on a Plan that would shift U.S. forces from Iraq to Afghanistan. The Pentagon has made a confidential (no irony there) recommendation to Bush to move a modest number of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan. Under the plan, the U.S. would reduce the occupying force in Iraq by one brigade from 15 to 14. “All told, the number of American forces in Iraq, currently about 146,000, would drop by nearly 8,000 by March.”

    American commanders in Afghanistan have made repeated requests for three more brigades, saying the reinforcements are “necessary to carry out the mission there and to combat a resurgent Taliban.” The Pentagon plan would deploy an Army Brigade and a Marine batallion to Afghanistan, adding nearly 4,500 soldiers early next year.

    According to the LA Times, “Army Gen. David H. Petraeus has recommended that… Bush postpone sharp troop cuts in Iraq until next year, delaying a large-scale shift of combat forces to Afghanistan and reflecting concerns that widespread violence could return to Iraq.”

    Petraeus’ recommendation conflicts with his previous “statements before Congress in May, when he predicted an autumn troop reduction, even if a small one.” Overall, the “current level of about 140,000 troops would remain in Iraq through the end of Bush’s presidency in January”.

Four at Four continues with an update from Afghanistan and Pakistan, the 6.1 percent unemployment rate, and a woolly mammoth invasion.

NEWSFLASH: Unemployment hits above 6%!!!

Today the latest figures of unemployment were released, and folks things are continuing to not look good.

Real McCain of Genuis

Fun.  From Change to Win.

John McCain doesn’t know how many houses he owns. That’s why he’s a REAL MCCAIN OF GENIUS. Learn more at has been created in conjunction with the Change to Win Truth Squad: 9 workers traveling across 10 states to spread the truth about what a John McCain presidency would mean for working Americans and the entire nation. This campaign is part of the 2008 political program of Change to Win, a labor organization representing six million members, united to bring the American Dream to America’s workers.

Republicans steal property … And, threaten the future …

The McCain campaign and Republican Party have both been aggressive in their use of music, clips from movies, etc without, it seems, even bothering to seek copyright permission despite the promise “to protect the creative industires from privacy.” They have gotten pushback, multiple times, for their unauthorized use (read “theft”) of intellectual property. In many of these cases, the involved artists are actually quite Green and environmentalist in their donation streams and stated interests.

A Daily Kos diary highlights Heart’s (Wilson sisters) reaction to the use of Barracuda as a theme song for Sarah “Pit Bull with Lipstick” Palin.  This abuse of Heart’s property rights is not, however, an isolated case.

Return of the Green Screen (Updated)

Earlier this summer McCain gave a widely panned speech in front of a green background.  Lime jello and cottage cheese became a running joke on the Interwebs.  

Stephen Colbert issued the McCain Green Screen Challenge: Make McCain Interesting.  A call to video editors everywhere to superimpose background images over the green screen and liven McCain up a bit…

Tuesday night (9/2/08) the winners were announced in this hilarious clip.

Take it from here Stephen…

(urghh – I can’t get the embed to work here.

I linked the image to his site if you want to watch it there.  sorry!)

American Idol

One week has passed now since Barack Obama gave his eloquent acceptance speech before an audience of 84,000 in Denver. It has been one week since John McCain announced his running mate would be Sarah Palin. In that time, the Democratic presidential campaign has been derailed and in the year of the celebrity candidate, Palin is the hot new thing.

Conservatives have their “rock star” and liberals cannot help themselves from talking and writing about her. McCain has accomplished what he set out to do by choosing her: shake things up. His campaign was withering. Obama was not only reaching out to the middle and independents of the American electorate, but also over to disaffected Republicans. Obama was on his way to becoming the Democratic Party’s response to Ronald Reagan.

No longer.

Racist Republicans

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, (R)(acist) Georgia, is a hypocritical, ignorant racist asshole. How’s that for name calling Lynn? (Isn’t Lynn a GIRL’S name, btw?)  It makes me feel dirty to call you those names, does it make you feel dirty to use patently blatant racism, Lynn? Somehow I doubt it.


“Honestly, I’ve never paid that much attention to Michelle Obama,” Westmoreland said. “Just what little I’ve seen of her and Senator Barack] Obama, is that they’re a member of an elitist class…that thinks that they’re uppity.”

The 58-year-old, Atlanta-born congressman declined to elaborate further, though he did repeat one part of his comment when asked to clarify.

“Uppity, you said?” he was asked.

“Yeah, uppity,” Westmoreland replied.

The audio.

This is the same dumb, racist, hypocritical, sanctimonious, Republican who….well I will let [Wikipedia tell you…

As a U.S. congressman, Westmoreland cosponsored a bill to place the Ten Commandments in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Westmoreland also sponsored a bill that the Ten Commandments could be displayed in courthouses in a historical setting. In May 2006, political humorist Stephen Colbert interviewed Westmoreland for The Colbert Report show segment Better Know a District. The congressman was only able to name three of the Ten Commandments he sought to legally put in public display.

Random Japan


It was reported that officials at Nagoya city hall accidentally broadcast an alarm signaling an imminent missile attack to civil servants throughout Aichi Prefecture.

The Japan Council for Quality Health Care reported 209,216 blunders that “came close to becoming medical accidents” last year, an increase of 13,600 from 2006. Incidents include wrongly prescribed drugs and misused equipment.

Investigators at a nuclear power plant in Oi, Fukui Prefecture, discovered that a crack in a primary coolant pipe was five times deeper than previously suspected.

It was reported that a woman in her 40s who had a healthy breast accidentally removed at a hospital in Okayama last September has refused the medical center’s apology.

The industry ministry said that two fires that occurred in Tokyo this year were caused by “overheated” iPod nanos.

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