Nailing the TradMed

Bingo! From Joe Lauria via lukery’s diary, Sibel Edmonds Case: FBI files “formal complaint” with Sunday Times on  Daily Kos. If you don’t know about Sibel Edmonds background and the charges she has leveled against our government just page back through lukery’s Dkos page.. But for our purposes today I want to highlight Lauria’s quote and it’s implications. The pattern/behavior that he outlines is in no way limited to Sibel’s case, but hers is a ‘great’ example of it. Follow the links in the diary for more background and info, lukery is a true asset to the blogosphere.

“Centrism is the philosophy of the American media – and that essentially backs the status quo, when you’re a centrist, and this game of objectivity that they play is really limited by parameters that you’re allowed to ask questions and to investigate and in a sense then you’re transmitting these assumptions, and reinforcing every day that the US is really a functioning democracy


The mindset of the American mainstream press does not allow certain ideas to easily filter through: the idea that high-ranking US officials might actually be facilitating this… It’s entertainment all the time, the presidential campaign is entertainment, and do you actually think that these guys would actually go in there and make changes, whoever wins, when behind this wall of entertainment put forward by news media and the entertainment industry is a murky world of terrorism, nuclear procurement ring, of CIA, of the FBI working – and this rarely breaks through to the mainstream press…

They rarely look at the entire system being rotten, not just one official here or there being rotten, and they pat themselves on the back. And when I say the entire system being rotten, I mean Congress that is enthralled to corporate backers, and approving their aggressive foreign policy that enriches themselves, and does nothing to secure the American people or the interests of most American people. That is not even in the discussion in the mainstream press, so this Boston Globe reporter was unable to conceive easily that a government official could have been involved. “