Art For, By And About Veterans Begins Sunday

Ilona Meagher has just posted on her blog site, PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within, an outstanding collection of links and a few video’s on what the subject title describes “Art For, By And About Veterans Begins Sunday” and the link just above will take you to it.

She starts it out with this:

An Iraq infantryman named Zero offers a compelling introduction to this post, which brings together a number of art programs and exhibits taking place on television and in galleries and statehouses and theaters across the country this summer and fall.

The one common denominator: the fusion of expression through art and the experience of war. Here, Zero explains how he uses his artwork to express himself and what he knows of combat:

I couldn’t do the justice Ilona has in bringing this to the public concious so please visit her post and find out more as well as if there are showings near you or within easier traveling distance and for how long they will be on display, and more.