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Gitmo On The Platte: The Police State Lives In Denver (Updated)

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Just in case you thought that exercising your Constitutional Right to assemble in Denver,  engage in non-violent protest and perhaps participate in civil disobedience at the Democratic National Convention was going to be easy and humane, the NY Times informs in an article entitled, “Grim Warehouse Set To Process Convention Arrests,” that is not to be the case.  The Government has set up a mini-Gitmo to handle pesky protesters who get arrested in Denver.  And they’re telling you about it now, so you’ll reconsider your plans.  And maybe stay home.

Individuals arrested at the Democratic National Convention will be processed at an industrial warehouse with chain-link cells topped by razor wire, a facility some have compared to the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay. /snip

The Denver sheriff’s office, which operates city and county jails, insists anyone taken to the center will be there only a few hours while they’re fingerprinted, issued a court date and released after posting bail. Others will be transferred to facilities designed for longer detentions.

Of course if the numbers are overwhelming, that’s all going to be out the door,” said Capt. Frank Gale, a sheriff’s spokesman. ”If we’re inundated with a bunch of civil unrest, it doesn’t matter how well we prepare. If we get severe numbers it’s going to take us forever” to process those in custody. /snip  A sign [at the facility] read: ”Electric stun devices used here.”

Gale said each cell will be about 20-by-20 feet. He refused to say how many people could be processed there.  /snip

ACLU-Colorado legal director Mark Silverstein said city officials told him detained protesters will be taken by bus to the facility, about 2 miles northeast of downtown. Those who are unable or refuse to post bail will be taken to a downtown city jail to await a court date.

Silverstein said warehouse cells won’t have running water, bathrooms or telephones. Gale said deputies will escort anyone needing those services.

Great.  A mini-Gitmo on the Platte.  20 x 20 cells with an unknown number of people in them, for an unknown period of time, without food, water or toilets.  And the idea that if there are too many people, whatever planning there was would be overwhelmed.  And then those incarcerated would be stuck.

Four at Four

  1. In cahoots…

    The NY Times reports from Nancy Pelosi’s The Why-Haven’t-You-Impeached-the-President Tour!

    “When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi set out to promote her new motivational book this month, she simultaneously touched off her national why-haven’t-you-impeached-the-president tour.”

    Pelosi “has been forced to defend her pronouncement before the 2006 mid-term elections that impeachment over the administration’s push for war in Iraq was off the table.”

    Of course, Pelosi wasn’t pressed very hard by the attendees of this year’s Netroot Nation. They were skillfully played and most of them liked it.

    Pressed on ABC’s “The View” about whether she had unilaterally disarmed, [Pelosi] said she believed the proceedings would be too divisive and be a distraction from advancing the policy agenda of the new Democratic majority.

    Then she added this qualifier: “If somebody had a crime that the president had committed, that would be a different story.”

    In Pelosi’s defense, she’s probably never met Rep. Dennis Kucinich or read the 35 articles of impeachment he presented against Bush. She probably hasn’t read the new book by Ron Suskind either. She’s too busy being motivational! Besides…

    Leading Democrats argue anyway that Mr. Bush has already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

    “He has been impeached by current history,” said Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. “He is going down as the worst president ever. The facts are in.”

    Republicans have previously shown some appetite for luring Democrats into what they see as an impeachment trap, a set of hearings they could use to portray Democrats as bitter partisans. But Republican strategists also recognize the political danger in getting too deep in defending Mr. Bush right before the election or in justifying the buildup to the Iraq war. They might not be as eager as they once were for an impeachment fight.

    Worst in history doesn’t cut it. Pelosi should be challenged and removed from the speakership… and office. Emanuel can go as well.

    There is a silver of hope, however, in an interview with Democracy Now, House Judiciary Chair John Conyers said he has opened a congressional probe into the allegations Ron Suskind revealed of the Bush Administration ordering a Iraq-9/11 connection to be faked. See Ralph Lopez’s diary at Daily Kos for more details: Conyers Calls Committee Back from Summer Recess to Investigate Suskind Allegations. Maybe this time Pelosi will see the evidence of high crimes done by Bush and Cheney? Here’s hoping.

Four at Four continues with two press narratives about how Obama and McCain are reacting to Georgia, Bush bungling his Georgia aid plan, Pentagon investigating the brain for new ways to wage war and torture, and a bonus story about a revolution in fish protection in Oregon.

Operation Sentinel

This hasn’t gotten near the coverage in the traditional media nationwide as it deserves:

NEW YORK (CBS) ?  It’s called “Operation Sentinel” and it proves just how far the NYPD will go to protect this city from terrorists. The plan involves some high-tech tracking that is coming under fire from some groups.

New York City is going to great lengths to make sure that bomb-toting terrorists can’t reach us.

This sounds great; a pro-active approach to stopping terrorists.

If you wish to understand the problem with this, follow me onward through the fog…

Failed Conservative Policies are Destroying America

Failed Conservative Policies.

There should not be one interview on national TV that does not include these words, and they are almost never spoken.  

We need to imprint this fact into the very fabric of America so that we can put an end to this slide to fuedalism that our country finds itself in.

America is not a ‘Conservative’ country.

Americans want:

  • Universal Health Care.
  • quality Public Education
  • consumer protections
  • a viable livelyhood
  • good roads
  • peace and prosperity
  • their privacy
  • personal freedoms
  • reliable electricity
  • clean energy
  • reliable information

All of these things that Americans want, and none of them can be called Conservative.  


If my math is right, which is doubtful, 8 years equals 2,920 days. After the 2000 (s)election the Supreme Court sentenced us to 1460 days ( 4 years) of George “the torturer” Bush and his nefarious henchmen. Thus begun the Republican reign of Terror. The apparently masochistic American people, in a majority  just large enough to allow Rove’s Rat Fuckers carry the day, sentenced us to another 1460 days in november of 2004. Now like a prisoner scratching off the days on his cell wall, we are getting near the end of doing our time. Of being released from bondage. We are short timers now, about to be freed, but still with enough serious time left to not think about our day of deliverance too hard for fear of jinxing it somehow, for fear that our long awaited freedom will somehow, someway be denied.

80 days, “my friends,” 80 days until the election, 2 and a half months, less than a quarter of a year until the first milestone on our path to freedom. 80 days until we find out if we are finally paroled and then 78 more until we are truly free. That’s right 158 days until george Bush leaves office and rides into the sunset….hopefully hounded by not just his conscience, but by the Forces of Justice and the Hounds of Karma.

158 days….and at midnight tonight we are down to only 157!!! Five months and change. An eternity to wait while looking forward, but a mere sliver of time looking back over all the long dark minutes, hours, days, weeks months and years. There were times I thought the long dark days of madness would never end….but now finally, after all of the horrors of the Bush Eon,,,,,,we are within spitting distance of liberation. Of release. Of Freedom!

So though we most definitely DONT want to jinx it, (knock wood etc.) we all know that a really good party takes time to plan. And we have TWO parties to think about, one after election day….and then The Big One, Inauguration Day! It’s not too soon to start thinking about it, to start saving up the booze (and whatever) fund, think about ordering a cake and balloons, maybe even lay in some fireworks! But even that doesn’t seem like enough! What are your party plans? What can we do to really mark the end of an error, and celebrate VB Day?

This Really IS Rocket Science

What is the next move in the chess match?  First Georgia launches an overnight blitzkrieg into South Ossetia. Next the Russians respond with overwhelming force to push out Georgian forces from South Ossetia and Abkhazia and then advance to occupy the east-west highway at Gori and the military and commercial port facilities at Poti. Then the U.S. and Poland sign an agreement for basing U.S. radars and antimissile systems in Poland.

So what is likely to happen next?

It’s about the rockets, stupid.

Expect early sales of Russian anti-ship missiles and anti-aircraft missile systems to Iran and Syria.

The Sunburn (Moskit) anti-ship missile can be launched from a variety of platforms, and it is lethal at ranges of up to 250 kilometers, especially when fired in salvos.

The Iranians already have the Russian Tor 1 anti-aircraft system in their arsenal. It seems likely that the Russians would now move swiftly to provide them also with the longer range (up to 90 kilometers) A-300 system.

Pony Party Fail

Loser Beck

funny picture, fail, missed, oops, wtf, loldog
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Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly.

~ Robert F. Kennedy

Real News: Russia-Asia Cooperation A Nightmare For US Hawks

Yesterday we saw F William Engdahl and George Friedman of Stratfor introduce the background to the Russo-Georgian war, Russia’s motivations and their re-emergence as a major power that has reached the limits of its tolerance for US neocon/imperialist tendencies and the drive to encircle Russia.

Engdahl continues today with the third in the three part series on the geopolitics of the situation in the Caucasus, with a discussion of growing Russian Asian cooperation and its ramifications in international relations as a counterbalance to US power, particularly in light of the continued provoking of Russia and sparking of a new cold war as the US and Poland agree to place a missile base in Poland, a plan that has infuriated Moscow and sparked fears in Europe of a new arms race.

“We have crossed the Rubicon,” Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said, referring to U.S. consent to Poland’s demands after more than 18 months of negotiations.

Washington says the planned system, which is not yet operational, is needed to protect the U.S. and Europe from possible attacks by missile-armed “rogue states'” like Iran. The Kremlin, however, feels it is aimed at Russia’s missile force and warns it will worsen tensions.

U.S. officials also said the timing of the deal was not meant to antagonize Russian leaders at a time when relations already are strained over the recent fighting between Russia and Georgia over the South Ossetia region.

August 15, 2008 – 3 min 44 sec

F William Engdahl: The Geopolitics of Georgia (3 of 3)

Russia-Asia cooperation a nightmare for US hawks

Russia and Georgia swapped accusations today presenting a huge challenge to the EU-sponsored ceasefire agreement designed to end seven days of fighting. The accord had envisioned Russian and Georgian forces returning to their original positions. These conditions have yet to be met. The United Nations estimates 100-thousand people have been uprooted by the fighting, including 12-thousand South Ossetians who fled north into Russia. F William Engdahl believes that “Russia China and the nations of Eurasia are beginning to cooperate politically and economically and this is a nightmare for Washington.”

F William Engdahl is an economist and author and the writer of the best selling book “A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order.” Mr Engdhahl has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, beginning with the first oil shock in the early 1970s. Mr. Engdahl contributes regularly to a number of publications including Asia Times Online, Asia, Inc, Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Foresight magazine; Freitag and ZeitFragen newspapers in Germany and Switzerland respectively. He is based in Germany.

Docudharma Times Friday August 15

The Russian Government

Is Paranoid

So Let’s Take Their Paranoia

To Higher Plane By

Installing Missiles In Countries Which Boarder Russia

Friday’s Headlines:

GOP Loyalty Not a Given For Young Evangelicals

Indonesia: Aceh villagers face homelessness again – in name of tsunami aid from US government

Briton detained after Olympics protest

Poland missile shield deal adds to tension between East and West

Porn claims outrage German Kafka scholars

Is freedom near for captive Israeli soldier?

AP Exclusive: Hit squads training in Iran

Archaeologists get a glimpse of life in a Sahara Eden


A bad example?

Mexican gunmen kill drug patients

Pakistani President Expected to Resign

Musharraf, Facing Impeachment, Likely To Step Down Within Days, Officials Say

By Candace Rondeaux and Karen DeYoung

Washington Post Foreign Service

Friday, August 15, 2008; Page A01

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Aug. 14 — Faced with mounting pressure from former political allies and dwindling support from his international backers, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, once a top U.S. ally, is expected to resign in the next few days, according to Pakistani officials.

A week after leaders of the ruling coalition said they planned to impeach Musharraf, the capital was abuzz with speculation that he would step down before formal impeachment charges are filed in Parliament on Monday

Bush Aides Say Russia Actions in Georgia Jeopardize Ties  


Published: August 14, 2008

WASHINGTON – Russia’s military offensive into Georgia has jolted the Bush administration’s relationship with Moscow, senior officials said Thursday, forcing a wholesale reassessment of American dealings with Russia and jeopardizing talks on everything from halting Iran’s nuclear ambitions to reducing strategic arsenals to cooperation on missiles defenses.

The conflict punctuated a stark turnabout in the administration’s view of Vladimir V. Putin, the president turned prime minister whom President Bush has repeatedly described as a trustworthy friend. Now Mr. Bush’s aides complain that Russian officials have been misleading or at least evasive about Russia’s intentions in Georgia.


Anthrax scientist Bruce Ivins slipped under the radar because of FBI obsession

Records show agents overlooked a series of early clues pointing to Ivins as the source of the 2001 deadly anthrax mailings and that the investigation remained locked on a former Army researcher.

By David Willman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

August 15, 2008  

WASHINGTON — As federal authorities pursued the wrong suspect in the deadly anthrax mailings of 2001, they ignored or overlooked a series of early clues that pointed to Army scientist Bruce E. Ivins, a review of investigative records by the Los Angeles Times shows.

Law enforcement documents unsealed by a federal judge last week, along with other materials reviewed by The Times, show that within a few months of the mailings, FBI leaders were positioned to know important details spotlighting Ivins, who killed himself last month and has now been identified as the government’s prime suspect.

The information available to investigators in those early months included:

McCain campaign strategy working: media reporting “no difference” re Global Warming

A critical Republican campaign strategy is working when it comes to framing for the November election. Despite actual facts, media reporting increasingly reports that there is no difference of import between John McSame McCain and Barack Obama when it comes to the arenas of energy and Global Warming. Take David Kesterbaum’s NPR report yesterday.

If you are trying to figure out whom to vote for in the upcoming presidential race, the issue of climate change may not be much help. This is one area where both leading candidates for president do not have a lot to disagree about.

Shallow, misinformed, and misleading reporting is about the most polite way to describe Kestenbaum’s report which focuses solely on selected sound-bytes rather than the substance of the two candidates’ positions.

There are fundamental differences between McSame’s and Obama’s positions and fundamental differences about the prospects for the future between President McSame and President Obama.  Differences that Kesterbaum reporting will leave you ignorant about.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Those for whom there is no more acquisition,

who are fully aware of the nature of food,

whose dwelling place is an empty and imageless release

the way of such people is hard to follow,

like the path of birds through the sky.

The Dhammapada, 92.

Phenomena XXII: perceiving


Reflection and Refraction

I see the past

in the mirror

of tarnished memories

and often misaligned


The future

on the other hand

is best seen

through the window

of imagination

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–June 1, 2008

Quote for Discussion: Angels In America

Night flight to San Francisco.  Chase the moon across America.  God!  It’s been years since I was on a plane!

When we hit thirty-five thousand feet, we’ll have reached the tropopause.  The great belt of calm air.  As close as I’ll ever get to the ozone.

I dreamed we were there.  The plane leapt the tropopause, the safe air and attained the outer rim, the ozone, which was ragged and torn, patches of it threadbare as old cheesecloth, and that was frightening…

But I saw something only I could see, because of my astonishing ability to see such things:

Souls were rising, from the earth far below, souls of the dead, of people who had perished, from famine, from war, from the plague, and they floated up, like skydivers in reverse, limbs all akimbo, wheeling and spinning.  And the souls of these departed joined hands, clasped ankles, and formed a web, a great net of souls, and the souls were three-atom oxygen molecules, of the stuff of ozone, and the outer rim absorbed them, and was repaired.

Nothing’s lost forever.  In this world, there is a kind of painful progress.  Longing for what we’ve left behind, and dreaming ahead.

At least I think that’s so.

Angels In America: Perestroika, by Tony Kushner.

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