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More Bigger Crimes Faster

Random thoughts on a Monday night…

Since impeachment is off the table, and Congress is out to lunch on its oversight responsibilities, the Rethuglican BOMIC is shoveling as much money as it can down its gaping maw. Printing money to bail out Wall Street. Allowing Big Oil to propagandize the public into thinking drilling is the answer to their greedy price gouging. Allowing the Defense Dept. free rein to the Treasury for no apparent gain. Meanwhile the local police become more SWAT-like and wanna-be Rainbow 6 geared-out, Tasering the disabled and elderly for not being subservient and craven when stopped for no reason and harassed. Clockwork Orange time. WHo ever expected a fatality rate for going through airport security?

If you think Iraq is going to stay stable after US troops leave in 2010, 2011,2012, 2025, 2050, I’ve got news for you. People in that part of the world have Saturday night knife fights about things that happened 1300 years ago.

The budget and the currency are kaput. Billions on biodefense pork for big pharma and universities while the alleged Amerithrax terrorist was a US biodefense scientist.

Nothing is in the way of these trends. More broke. More totalitarian. Tell me I’m wrong, show me how Obama or anybody else is going to stop the lobbyist – Defense Dept. Corporate Intelligence Surveillance Society from ruling behind the scenes.

Who can call an oversight hearing when “the past is past” becomes the mantra once the elections are over?

How can the rule of law be real in this kind of political frame?

Charging the Victim: Who Should Pay to Rebuild Iraq?

Original article by Ed Kinane via

Our Congressional Representative James Walsh (R-NY) recently “lashed out at Iraq.” Walsh, now in his tenth term, said Iraq should use its oil windfall sales to repay some of the $48 billion the United States has spent “rebuilding” there.

Now, my representative is Dan Burton (shudder), so my guess is that he’ll be foresquare for this abomination.

In The Sky Tonight: The Perseid Meteor Shower


A Perseid Shower

This will be incredibly quick.  Read this, back away from the keyboard, turn off all the lights (this works best in rural America), go outside and look up.  Look up at the night sky.  Be patient.  Tonight, dharmaniacs, is the annual Perseid Meteor shower.

Pony Party

Pony Faerie Party

Putting off the Apocalypse News

Before I went on vacation the news was all about attacking Iran by August.  Well now upon checking the lists some places are all about October.  They are leaning towards economic ruin and the news about Russia and Georgia.

Then there was a “New Age” site stating that all of the Apocalyptic visions of our imminent destruction had been “fixed”.  Our “timeline” has been altered for the better.  The original was at Project Camelot.  Can’t find it now.…

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