So…did anybody notice….

In a brilliantly timed political move, Barack Obama just happened to begin his ‘shore up my foreign policy credentials’ tour of the mideast and Europe just as Netroots Nation was being held!

Now, I for one wouldn’t be disappointed since I don’t want Obama to be President.  However, it must have burned most of those activists who were fired up and ready noticed that Obama blew them off.

Oh sure, he sent a video.

He sent a video to Monday Night Raw.

But…but…he had more important things to do!

Yep…more important than showing up for one of the driving forces behind the D’s resurgance over the past few years.  And it’s not like the dates for Netroots Nation weren’t set before Obama just happend to decide he needed to burnish his FP credentials.  I wonder if all of those countries would have allowed him in if he had started the trip today?

I wonder if Kos noticed?

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