because Hanoi on his resume somehow instilled in him commander-in-chief ability

Speaking as a veteran, I cannot see how or why Candidate McCain considers himself commander-in-chief material purely because he is a veteran

… or because Hanoi on his resume somehow instilled in him commander-in-chief ability.

If as a veteran I wanted a retired military officer to be a Commander-in-Chief of all my country’s military forces, I would want someone with real experience and a demonstrated ability to command the combined services.

John McCain as a veteran with CIC credentials pales in comparison to the likes of Wesley Clark, Anthony Zinni, William Odom, James Shinseki, Paul Eaton, Norman Schwarzkopf and of course Colin Powell.

But as a veteran who believes in civilian oversight of the military, I also place value on a politician’s ability to inspire hope, raise expectations, instill trust and awaken civic responsibility both at home and abroad.

McCain as a veteran politician with shallow and always changing positions and transparently pandering behavior is not the president I want on watch over my children’s and my future.

If McCain would portray himself as a superior president to Barack Obama, let him go abroad preaching American military bluster and bullying and see if 200,000 gather in any one place to listen to him.

Hoffmania also posted this video and has much more to say about the candidate who has consistently let down and abandoned those who serve and have served.