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Four at Four

  1. The LA Times reports Six people are dead in attack on U.S. consulate in Istanbul. “Gunmen today attacked the U.S. consulate here, sparking a gun battle that left three Turkish police officers and the three assailants dead… It was the most serious attack in several years on a foreign diplomatic mission in Turkey.”

    According to the Washington Post, the American ambassador to Turkey, Ross Wilson, call the attack “‘an obvious act of terrorism’ … ‘This was an attack on the American diplomatic establishment here,’ Wilson said in an appearance before reporters in Ankara, the Turkish capital. ‘… Our countries will stand together and confront this, as we have in the past.'” Abdullah Gul, the president of Turkey, also describe it as a terrorist attack.”

    “Neither U.S. or Turkish officials would speculate on who was responsible for the attack… Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay told reporters late this afternoon there still was no claim of responsibility. He said all of the attackers were Turkish nationals.”

  2. The NY Times reports the Federal Reserve sees economic turmoil persisting deep into next year. “Ben S. Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, publicly indicated on Tuesday that he believes the problems will persist into next year when he outlined a series of steps the Fed is considering in the coming months… Bernanke also recommended that Congress grant the Fed broader authority to monitor and supervise the financial markets to assure greater stability in the future.”

    The economy will continue to do badly for all the known reasons: cratering housing market, skyrocketing oil prices, and titanic federal debt brought about by the worst president ever and his wars.

    The Washington Post reports that “Some outside experts argue that changes such as the ones Bernanke advocated yesterday could create more problems than they solve.” No doubt. The Fed wants more authority to clean up the mess they made and fed. This economic misery was done on purpose to shock the system in order to increase liquidity for easier looting. Do not trust Bernanke or Bush Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. The bailouts are and will continue to be for the wealthy.

Four at Four continues with the unmitigated missile threat to airplanes and Guantanamo appeals.

The Highest Bidder?

Ok, so we have lost the Fourth Amendment. But take heart! In light of yesterdays wildly successful Dharmathon to help a friend in need, and the fact that McCain will undoubtedly continue Bush’s policy of selling off America with the help of impoverished Democrats like poor Jay Rockefeller, all we have to do is be the highest bidder for the rest of The Constitution!!! Start saving your pennies Dharmaniacs!

McCain’s EBay Model


Summer Reading: A Childrens Book for You Adults

As we wait for the many coming books, I’m sure more will be surfacing, as many try to cleanse their souls, of these last eight years plus, in seeking their higher kingdom, we might have the time to take this seemingly telling descriptive tale into the fold of good reading. We could even make the copies a collective item reminding us, in a comfortable way, of what we’ve been put through, us and the rest of the world. Comfortable because it might not enrage as we read and study the pictures, like the hard reality of the history will.

From politics of hope to politics as usual

An editorial from http://socialistworker.org: http://socialistworker.org/200…

The Real Reason For US Military Presence in The Middle East?

Here’s a Friggin’ Surprise! Cheney’s office tried to alter greenhouse gas testimony

Scooter Libby.

We all know the name.  (BTW, a grown man named Scooter really is kinda creepy, don’t you think)?  Anyway.  Ol’ Scooter stepped on his crank pretty good when he deliberatly outed a CIA covert agent, Valarie Plame-Wilson on what we expect were orders from Vlad Cheney when Ms. Plame-Wilson’s husband, Joe Wilson, told everyone that the Niger – Iraqi “Yellow Cake” nuclear weapons-of-mass-destruction information that the Bush Administration was throwing around was bunk.  After Mr. Wilson published his article “What I Didn’t Find in Africa” in the New York Times, BushCo went after Wilson and his wife with a full court press.

Well, Scooter was tried and convicted of lying to the Fed’s about his and the Bush Administrations role in all of this, and subsequently had his sentence commuted by Presnit-wit Bush for his troubles.

It looks as though V.P. Vlad was at it once again when it came to altering evidence in another case where the Administration didn’t like the scientific answers

that were forthcoming and they once again tried to alter the scientific reality into a corporate-friendly reality.

Savoring a Green Onion

That is, truly enjoing the Onion‘s 3 July 2008 Green Issue: “Our All-Paper Salute to the Environment.”

Well-done satire provides a painful window on the soul of an issue.

And, the Onion specializes in that well-done satire.

This issue pulls together some top environmentally-oriented satire from the past decade. Lets take some bites of that green onion …

But, first, some related breaking news …

The Morning News

The Morning News is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Judge to Bush admin.: Guantanamo is top priority

By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writer

25 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – A federal judge overseeing Guantanamo Bay lawsuits ordered the Justice Department to put other cases aside and make it clear throughout the Bush administration that, after nearly seven years of detention, the detainees must have their day in court.

“The time has come to move these forward,” Judge Thomas F. Hogan said Tuesday during the first hearing over whether the detainees are being held lawfully. “Set aside every other case that’s pending in the division and address this case first.”

The Bush administration hoped it would never come to this. The Justice Department has fought for years to keep civilian judges from reviewing evidence against terrorism suspects. But a Supreme Court ruling last month opened the courthouse doors to the detainees.

Dear Congress, Come November…[Don’t FISA things up on us.]

Call, fax or email. It’s too late now to send a postcard to stop this heinous capitulating “cave-in to be” but it’s not too late to start letting them know that gutting our fourth amendment is not cool.

Dear Congress -- Come November...

Why is it necessary, why is it politically expedient, to set in stone and make yet another law that falsely legitimizes the crimes of the Executive, of Congress, of the Department of Justice and the telecom industry?  In light of the FACTS that Bush Committed 30 Felonies and did not do so alone, did not act without support and protection from Congress — what makes it so important that this must be passed today?  There are ongoing cases that this would shut down — more reason, not less, to send this disgraceful veil of faux legitimacy to an early and ignoble grave.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

O beautiful for spacious skies,

For amber waves of grain,

For purple mountain majesties

Above the fruited plain!

America! America!

God shed his grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!

–Katharine Lee Bates


It’s a great song.   But times have changed…

State of the Onion XXV

America the Ugly


Skin Tones

They lack a sense

of brotherhood

toward so many kinds of people

for union members

for whom it has

special meaning

for immigrants of any kind

legality be damned

for those whose roots

weren’t cultivated

in the appropriate loam

kinship even denied

with their own children

if they happen to be queer

no empathy felt

for those whose skin tones

haven’t been created

recently enough

by lounging in the sun

nor sympathy for people

whose cupboards are too bare

from one day to the next

If you don’t believe

what they believe

then to hell with you

America Amerika

There is no crown

for there is too little good

to place one upon

–Robyn Elaine Serven

–April 14, 2006

America, America

After o so many years

America America

For you we weep our tears

–Robyn Elaine Serven

The Green Desert


While looking out my window in the middle of farmland in SE Indiana, I see woods at various distances from approximately a quarter to three-quarters of a mile away.  In between me and those woods are soybean and corn fields, scattered houses, their lawns, a few roads and lanes, the margins of those fields and roads, and (closest to me) our yard, that we decided not to mow this year.  It is mid-July, and in all of this very green, rural scene, the only substantial group of flowers of any kind is our yard.  A little island of “proper” flowers, and flowering “weeds”.  And it is full of bugs, namely BEES.

Across countless acres, I see nothing but fields and lawns.  

Pony Party…. Filling in

So, there I was one day last week, in a funk.  Nothing about the world was right. GWB and his rethugs were (are) still up to their dirty deeds plus all kinds of other things were just going wrong.  Decided to do something positive.. like maybe taking some time to wash out the bottles and cans for recycling.  Into the kitchen, up to my arms in soapy water.  Scrub, scrub.. ooh, getting things nice and squeaky clean.  Oh shit!  Sliced (gashed really) the hell out of my thumb on a tin can.  And it is bleeding like a stuck pig… I mean a LOT of blood.  Quickly pressed it with my other thumb and stuck both hands in the air.  Standing there saying, “Oh, this can’t be good.”  Slow bleeding enough to dial the phone … reach the mister.. “Get home NOW”.  Two minutes later he’s pulling down the driveway.  We look at it, it’s still bleeding but not gushing now.  Get it bandaged and put it back up in the air.  Discovered that it’s next to impossible to type one handed.. CAPITAL letters are a real problem.  Ok, time to go outside and sit down to watch the birds and chipmunks.  There I sat, under a tree, arm still in the air.  Suddenly felt something on my leg… A bird had shit all over it.  Started laughing like a fool.  It was then I realized just how stupid life can be and what my place in it really is… bird shit!