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Funkaliscious Friday – Best/Favorite Female Vocalist

If anyone’s hanging around this holiday evening, I thought it might be fun to have a “battle of the best female vocalist” just for fun. I know it has nothing to do with the holiday we’re supposed to be celebrating, but I didn’t think a “patriotic funkaliscious” would go down to well with this crowd. LOL

My nomination for best female vocalist goes to k.d. Lang and here’s three reasons why.


Pony Party…..Independent Ponies

It’s time to regain our liberty…


Oceans separating land masses and in long ago times it could seem the world had many worlds, so far away, separate from each other.

And so there were villages and then towns and cities and finally nations with powers and governments and national customs spread across all the neighborhoods.

Here’s a poem about what I see as the wave of now.

And some made-in-America music as lagniappe

Complicated Life with Clint Maedgan  & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band:

Friday Philosophy: Celebrating War

It dawned on me the other night where it all went wrong.  At least from one perspective.

Here I was thinking the Buy-Centennial Sell-Abration was only supposed to last for one year.  1976, if anyone is keeping track.  Apparently I misunderstood.  Apparently it was intended to last much longer.

At least it seems to have lasted that way.

The business of America is business.

–Calvin Coolidge

Did you know you can purchase a white chocolate (i.e. cocoa butter) replica of the Capitol building?  What could be more patriotic than eating that?  And you can also get a dark chocolate (i.e. chocolate) replica of the Washington Monument.  What could be more phallic than that?

I mean, don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad so many other people have finally noticed this.  But it’s not like it is news.  And pardon those of us who have understood this for as long as we can remember and have trouble working up a good hysteria.

Pony Party: Independent Ponies

It’s time to regain our liberty…

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