“…Why my first vote will go to McCain…”

This is a title of a Letter to the Editor.  Ah, you say:  Must be from the offspring of some mega church evangelical in a red state, right?  Well, surprisingly enough, it’s not.  It is from a 2008 graduate of Mumford High School, writing the letter to the Detroit Free Press.

“I am not ashamed to admit that the man getting my vote will be a Republican referred to as “the anti-Christ” by my acquaintances…Since the campaign began, most of my friends and family supported Obama just because of the color of his skin — not because of his politics…”

So, this young African-American woman is going to vote for McCain.  What reasons does she give, other than her statement that initially it was a rebellion?  Here are a couple of reasons she gives (emphasis mine):

(More Below the Fold)

“…I began to actually start watching more political shows, reading excerpts from candidates’ books online, and researching their backgrounds before deciding to be a McCain supporter…”

“…While many people think it would be better if all Americans were covered under a national health care program, the reality is that we would be better off setting up appointments and paying more money for the help we need…The idea of universal health care sounds like a great concept, but Obama fails to realize that life is not a fairy tale…

“…With McCain, things are more likely to go smoothly for America if we find a nice medium to travel along instead of disrupting everything we have become accustomed to in the last eight years…

Well,  fellow bloggers just thought I’d post this FWIW, as a kind of “heads up” about what apparently is going on in the minds of some of our non-blogging fellow Americans who aren’t reading the progressive blogs-people who are getting their news from the “political shows”.  

Also, for those who don’t watch TV much, or at all, here’s another FWIW:  McCain is running ads on the TV here in our blue state, and in many other states to convince people that “things are more likely to go smoothly for America”  if he’s the next President-and many of them are yet again drinking the GOP kool-aid.   BTW, I have only seen one or two Obama ads here, and that was a while ago.    


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  1. …like I did when the GOP’ers were attacking Kerry and I began getting this sick feeling that we’d be ending up with four more years of bush?   I hope I’m just feeling an extra bit discouraged today, and that LTE wasn’t the cure I needed at this point.  

  2. Vote John McCain to keep the slide toward the end of the world running smoothly.

  3. her mother 18 years ago.

    That’s my theory.

  4. The supposed black female person has obviously lived a very well-funded and sheltered life. She obviously has never met a “poor” person who cannot afford to “pay” for things. Maybe she needs to support my “single-parent”, grandmother, sister who has no health care, has declared bankruptcy, needs assistance paying her bills, still works with no pension for 12/hour( and no health insurance), whose unmarried daughter has just returned to the converted garage they call a “home” with her two children after being beaten again by her boyfriend.

    • Edger on July 8, 2008 at 2:45 am

    Written by someone in Obama’s campaign.

  5. Dingbatism.

    • pico on July 8, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    I can’t say it bothers me too much.  The conclusions do – another vote for McCain is always a bad thing, as well the dismissal of so many issues with a wave of the hand – but the author is, what, 18 years old? and clearly trying to position herself as an iconoclast.  It’s disheartening to see iconoclasm come at the expense of a sound argument, but I definitely remember trying out all kinds of half-baked philosophies at that age.  I probably sounded just as awkward and misguided.  

    I hate to think how much hate mail she’s getting for that editorial.  Likely as not, it’ll push her into hardcore Republicanism just from the reaction she gets.  I’d rather engage her on her level: she’s intelligent enough not to settle for preconceived notions (although running from them, she buys into other ones), and it would probably be worth sitting down with her and fleshing out these issues, which she doesn’t seem to have given quite as much thought to as she thinks.

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