The Mendacity of Hope

By Pham Binh via…

Subtitled: Obama’s Seduce and Switch.

Here’s the thing: Binh thinks the system’s gotten to Obama.  The lure of power was too much to ignore.  That’s why he’s pretty much thrown everything under the bus (to use a tired, chliched metaphor).

If you’re interested, and you haven’t read it, I suggest reading Djilas’ “The New Class” because it’s applicable (even though it was written as a critique of the Yugoslav CP under Tito) to where we are in our politics.  Here’s the link:…

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  1. The entry by Pham Binh rests on a flawed assumption: that Obama was somehow corrupted by the lure of power during the primary season.  If one cares to look further back on the senator’s career, however, one sees that power was all Obama was ever about.

    Of course, as Paul Krugman so artfully pointed out, Obama didn’t start out as a progressive and suddenly betray his principles; he was never a progressive, and anyone who cared to study his record in depth could have seen that.  Those of us who did and tried to point out the truth were shouted down by Democrats as apologists for Hillary Clinton or Ralph Nader, and summarily dismissed.

    Democrats have the presidential candidate they were ordered by the establishment to pick.  They can’t come crying to us on the true left now and claim they weren’t warned ahead of time.

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