Planet Shit Dispatch: Hillary Hustle Edition

The Hustle

Denver, CO – At the main entrance to Denver International Airport there is a towering statue of a blue fiberglass bronco with blazing eyes. Mustang is the closest thing to a horse from Hell that I have personally ever seen and the fucker is eerily disturbing on a very basic level. It pops up visibly from miles away as you drive into that massive airport that is closer to the fucking Kansas state line than the Mile High City like some primitive warning to ward off warring tribes, very primal. The story behind the damned thing apparently is more than somewhat macabre as it fell upon the sculptor one Luis Jiminez, killing him prior to being finished which to the more superstitious amongst us is in and of itself enough to send chills up the spine and make the roots of hair follicles tingle. The brutal irony of this monstrosity guarding DIA with the coming war for the future of the Democratic party at the Denver convention this August is absolutely delicious.

That Denver International Airport is an ill-planned abortion that somehow despite its marketing as essential for the future the planners never even considered the concept of $4 a gallon gasoline (which is one day going to evoke nostalgia about the good old days) and the effects on a local population that is spread out from Colorado Springs to damned near Fort Collins but the geniuses responsible for societal planning and engineering normally can’t be troubled with such silly pessimistic projections when there is money to be made. Former Denver Mayor and Bill Clinton cabinet member Federico Peña was sure to take care of his buddies on that one. But in giving credit where it is due it’s a damned good place if you are facing a layover, a fuck of a lot better than a lot of other airports.

The ironic thing about Mustang the metallic blue steed from Hades is that it tragically was responsible for the death of it’s creator (albeit accidentally) and the blazing shitstorm of an avenging army of Hillary Rodham-Clinton’s crusaders threaten to similarly topple the giant blue iconic jackass of the Democratic party. Crushing it to death like some deranged and blinded by rage feminist Frankenstein that has after being instrumental in transforming the party from a labor based bastion of middle class fairness into some sort of a hijacked craft turned into a missile of death along which they and the myriad of other bitchy, self-centered special interest groups that have been used to make political hay by a merciless Republican juggernaut. The GOP has largely run every election of the past three decades against Hanoi Jane, the party millstone of Roe v. Wade (the unconditional support of which in my opinion and this is going to get me fucking eviscerated here – needs to be rethought as it is a strategic disaster), socially deviant ‘America hating’ liberals who want to murder babies and sacrifice God on the altar of sexual perversion as exemplified by the great monolithic conspiracy of the damned evil homosexual agenda. The city of Denver is going to be the place where Gog throws down with Magog in a few months and the forces of the drooling Succubus Clinton are hellbent on waging a scorched Earth campaign that will likely leave “Mustang” in the rear view mirrors of their rental cars after the convention as a flaming pillar of salt.

That the entitled pasty white uber bitch Clinton won’t do the honorable thing and just step aside for the good of the country only means that the brutal cyber thuggery by the bastard alliance of the Hillemming-Dittohead factions of the establishment’s Praetorian Guard will continue to wreak havoc. They will allow lazy public relations shills and party hacks with vested interests in protecting the status quo to hog airtime in an thoroughly corrupt pocket media that is all to eager to continue to shovel shit to the electorate rather than focus on the REAL issues of true importance and further alienate anyone with any sort of intellectual ability from this garish and insulting process designed to perpetuate the biggest lie of all – that we live in an actual functional democracy instead of a rotting, blood soaked poverty ridden police state courtesy of arch criminals like the Clintons and the Bushes and the corporatists, the militarists and the energy and financial cartels which they serve. The sham democracy is just a pig that no amount of perfume is going to cover the stench of and each additional day of dicking around so that the Queen can ascend to her rightful place – and FUCK all you haters who would deny the post menopausal Tracy Flick what she is owed. This thing is an ongoing fucking horror and is only going to result in handing the keys to Bush’s throne room and the launch codes of the nuclear football to the maniacal John McCain and his filthy little Zionist dead ender butt buddy Joe Lieberman the Senator of Tel Aviv who will all too gladly reap the rewards of an October surprise massive bombing of Tehran.

The latest travesty in the ongoing Democratic carnival of perversion is the preposterous front group now bringing pressure down on the DNC rules committee to allow Clinton to sashay into the Sunshine State ala the Bush 2000 shock troops and mug democracy in the heat and humidity of the bug and speculator infested diseased penis of America. They are continuing to foment divisiveness and bleat that poor little rich bitch Hillary has unfairly been discriminated against by the woman hating bully boys in America, this comes as the ultimate in black comedy (no pun intended) with the Clinton forces and their pick up drivin’ Rush Limbaugh lovin’ temps are doing everything but screaming ‘Dirty Militant Niggers’ at Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. It’s all the 60’s dynamic again, that is all that politics in time warp America has become. Get ready for another round of battles in the Vietnam war because baby burning war criminal McCain is already getting ready to roll out Operation Arc Light II once the Clinton piranhas have feasted on Obama for a few more months.

It’s the exact real life example of Rick Perlstein’s new book Nixonland where he examines how the dark master, Tricky Dick himself set into motion a perpetual hatred and resentment machine that has defined politics in America for the past 40 years. This same apparatus is being seized on by Clinton herself who should really be above such things given her tendency to wail and play the victim card. Nixon also perfected the demonizing of the so-called ‘elites’ which to the white niggers and other assorted morons in peckerwood nation are simply those who have some of that fancy book lernin’ and the real elitists, the high falutin’ frauds who are married to beer distributor heiresses, former U.S. presidents and rub elbows with the Superclass of Davos, the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations just keep riling up the rubes. The latest ridiculous sideshow about Obama quitting his church is another log on the fires of the racial and religious bonfires that are being stoked by the Dixiecrat Clintons.

I digress here but all of this religious horseshit is really getting to the point of no return. I do applaud Obama for quitting his church but only in the way that ALL of the bitches and bastards should also quit THEIR churches which are dens of iniquity for idiots and apostates. The more that modern man invokes God the more that we will de-evolve as a society to the point where we are nothing more than more corpulent, easily entertained and more easily controlled simple beasts as our cave dwelling ancestors. Let’s hear it for a constitutional amendment making it illegal for anyone other than an ATHEIST to run for public office so that we can start basing our discourse on rationality and Enlightenment ideas rather than the same simplistic swill that had our predecessors bashing in each other’s skulls, cutting off each others heads and burning people at the stake for. Religion is low minded drivel, superstitious nonsense and has been used as a tool of control for as long as man has walked on two feet, my two cents as an agnostic and a big…

A – fucking – Men!

Anyway, all of this elitist, misogynist caterwauling by the Clintons is nothing but the most cynical of all pandering to the most offended and victimized, I dare anyone to tell me how this is any different than Bush and Karl Rove’s standard demagoguery. I truly find it to be sardonically hilarious as well as bitingly ironic that the highest pitched keening emanating from the Clinton campaign has been that happy horseshit about misogyny and the terrible chauvinist pigs who are pillorying the champion of women’s rights, the same Hillary Rodham-Clinton who green lighted those reactionary fascist swine John Roberts and Sammy Alito to the SCOTUS. I also can’t stop laughing (or is it crying, sometimes I just don’t fucking know anymore) about their acceptance of support from the minions of Mr. Feminazi himself Rush Limbaugh to wage war against the hated brown skinned devil Obama. How in good conscious could ANYBODY or any GROUP who has been so consistently vilified for fun and profit by the fetid pied piper of faux white male populist propaganda fucking seriously even think about accepting assistance from he or his jagoff angry army? Come November when Operation Chaos has been successfully completed and the Republicans are able to do what was once thought of as not only inconceivable but impossible in staving off a landslide loss I would seriously like to hear some of the ladies who are buying into this bullshit explain with a straight face exactly what the FUCK they were thinking about.

Ladies, just ask yourselves a question: how many more American and Iraqi civilian lives have to be put on the tab in order to continue to play this game? Why not jut punt, do the right thing for the country and wait until a more suitable female candidate who isn’t a scheming, corrupt, warmongering corporate whore can make a legitimate run for the presidency minus the baggage of Mrs. Clinton? Things really CAN change if the politics of the 60’s are rejected and by default the only candidate with a legitimate chance of pulling it off and building that bridge to the future is Barack Obama, no matter how flawed that he is. Look, it’s not as if there isn’t misogyny in this society, there should be no illusions about that but Hillary is hustling American women and feminists with an amoral intent and fully understanding that she is taking advantage of a legitimate desire to see a woman president in this sordid shithole of lies and revisionist history written to obscure all the discrimination, fear, murder and ugliness of the past. It’s tantamount to mental rape and it should be recognized for the pandering that it is and unequivocally rejected while there is still time to avoid the oncoming train wreck. She has been playing women like a maestro with a Stradavarius, every tactic that she is using is straight out of the exploiting victim hood playbook used by Nixon, Rove, Atwater and every other dirty political thug who cares not jack shit about anything other than power.

Misogyny is pervasive in American culture and it extends far beyond flippant invocations of the pejoratives “cunt” and “bitch” and the accompanying knee jerk reactions to them. Let’s face it, it is as ingrained in our national DNA (“To The Moon Alice!”)as are the same primitive characteristics as homophobia, racism and jingoism and there are ways to address these things without rubbing raw the open sores of discontent of other groups who have suffered similar indignities. If there is a true way to attack misogyny it lies in taking on a culture that trades in the objectification of women to sell products, to reduce females to nothing more than a pair of tits and a vagina to be used by the beer sodden creeps who are target marketed by corporations during sporting events and whose often lackluster and pathetic lives only embitter them against women because of this false image that they have been indoctrinated with. It only breeds animosity, sexism and more of the type of scapegoating for monetary and political gain that Rush Limbaugh, Hillary Rodham-Clinton and their ilk parlay into money, influence and power.

Late breaking news, Mrs. Rodham-Clinton has just won the Puerto Rico primary so the spanking of the donkey continues, the spinners and professional bull shitters like James Carville, Terry McAuliffe and the rest of the Clintonite scum only pile more incendiary material onto the war wagon that is rolling every more quickly towards the Mile High City and gaining momentum.