How Much Change Can America Take?

Over the last eight years America has experienced a revolutionary change. To overstate it only slightly, a change from relatively free and democratic society to a proto-fascist state. A state where the government can search your home without telling you, can seize your medical and financial records at will, spy on every communication you have without a warrant…etc. etc. etc. All of the changes under the new “reality” after 9/11. Americas by and large have accepted these incredibly harmful changes without much fuss, relatively speaking. Of course, no one  really told them what was happening behind their backs. 9/11 plunged them into shock, the Bushco Homeland Security State was established while they were still in shock and The Bush Propaganda of Fear Machine took over from there. Passive “patriotic” acceptance of whatever “our government” wanted to do was the order of the day….no matter how heinous. Change was forced upon them and (other than the “looney left”) they complied and adjusted and accepted it.

Will they now be able to accept well publicized, positive change, the kind of change that Obama is promising with equal equanimity? Especially with the fearmongers whispering in their ears?

Obama today