The Iraq Billions Easter Egg Hunt

I just received the latest MoJo {Mother Jones} newsletter. Always interesting commentary can certainly be found at MoJo.

The subject title, above, was used as their leadin to the commentary linked below.

The following was their question in the newsletter:

Has anyone seen $15 billion in reconstruction funds? If so, the Pentagon’s Inspector General is looking for them.

And it refers to this: Billions of Dollars Unaccounted For in Iraq, Pentagon IG Reports

They start the commentary out with the following:

Want to see a signature worth $320 million? Click here (PDF). It belongs to Jack Gardner, an official with the now-defunct Coalition Provisional Authority, who in July 2003 authorized that amount to be transferred to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance for the payment of Iraqi salaries. There are no other records of the transfer, just Mr. Gardner’s John Hancock. Now that’s power.

I added the {PDF} just so’s you wouldn’t think that by clicking the link all you see is someones John Hancock, it’s more than that.

There’s abit more with some backlinks of interest.

And it closes with this:

To date, Pentagon auditors have referred 28 cases to criminal investigators.