Pony Party, Stanley Cup Picks

conference championship picks:

who picked whom? fort nightowl ucc 73v 3card
Pens/Flyers Pens-6 Pens-7 Pens-6 Flyers-6 Flyers-6
Wings/Stars Stars-7 Wings-7 Stars-6 Wings-5 Wings-6
prev. accuracy 8/12 7/12 7/12 9/12 2/4

Pittsburgh won in 5, Detroit in 6.  And it will have been late when i might have typed this (verb tenses and auto-publish dont mix well), and i dont feel like adding in the colors and bolds and strikethroughs.  maybe ill do it this morning…probably not 🙂

Dharmafan standings so far…

fortschreitend: 10 correct/14 series

73rd virgin:    10/14

night owl:   9/14

ucc:        8/14

3card:       3/6  (with the nod for picking the wings in 6 in the conf. champ)

so i guess if i were a strategic thinker, i could wait for fort to make a pick, make the same pick, and assure a tie…either with him or a 3-way with night owl, if he picked opposite us and was correct….

…hell with that…

Wings in 6.  

which means they would get handed the cup on pittsburgh ice.  the only way i would get any sense of satisfaction 😉  mwahahahahahaha.  

im not even gonna lie to you…there are few teams i dislike more than the wings and the pens.  there’s the usual, inter-division hatred of the rangers and devils…specifically the rangers, because of the ny media bias….but im getting carried away….

so, ucc, you sticking with the pens??


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  1. sticking with the Pens.

    You and fort rocked with your picks, way to go. I respect Detroit. They are a superlative team. Just cannot go with them for purely non-rational reasons. Keeping in mind I stuck with Dallas for non-rational reasons as well.

    Didn’t Nadal just beat Fed in a clay tournament recently? So yeah on that as well.

    When hockey ends I have an issue. Not much of a baseball fan.

  2. Nobody rolls over Detroit.

  3. …tell me more about this “3-way with night owl” that you suggested.  😉

    And since I prefer a clear-cut winner rather than having this decided by superdelegates (or worse, a floor fight at the convention) I will pick:

    Penguins in 7.

    I have a slight preference for Pittsburgh winning it, but actually think the Wings are slight favorites to win.  

    I do like the guarantee that the Cup will now return to a city where it actually snows.  

  4. Hey, 73v

    since I am now destined to be an also ran, any awards for most picked-games series?

    I’ve currently got two:

    1st rd: Avs in 6

    2nd rd: Pens in 5

    • brobin on May 21, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    not that I like that idea.  ;-(

  5. Hey – just returned from out of town, just in time for tonight’s game. It is not a disappointment – this will be a terrific series.

    I pick Detroit in 7.

    Maybe 6. Prolly 7.

    And as much as I luv me Wings, I wouldn’t be shocked if they lose this series. Both teams are really good. Plus, the damned refs keep calling off any goals whenever Homer is anywhere on the ice (grrrr! If Fleury is out of the crease, it is NOT interference if Homer is blocking his view).

    This is like hockey heaven. Two great teams, two gritty cities that want to win. Great stuff.

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