Bearing the Wounds of War

The youngest victims of the Wars we adults wage, especially our Wars of Choice!

Bob Woodruff, of ABC News, did another of his outstanding reports on the ‘Wounds of War’, this one about the youngest victims, the children of those who serve.

As a Country cheers on the ‘Shock and Awe’ of Waging War on others, those others having done nothing to warrent our Invasion and Occupations, that same Country does little in Sacrifice!

We wear our shame with our Apathy and Arrogance!

This, Camp for Kids Coping With Parents at War

Community Helps Kids Deal With Parents Fighting, Wounded or Killed in Service, is the Woodruff report.

But first I would like you to view the Video that Bob Woodruff narrates, this will tug at your heart, you’ll cry with the child, you’ll cry with the father, and if you have any humanity at all you’ll think about the children of Iraq and Afganistan and cry for them, thousands of the youngest victims!

More than 1.5 million troops have deployed in the last five years, meaning that as many as 700,000 children in this country have at least one parent deployed. And, according to the Department of Defense, there are at least 12,000 children with an injured parent. While their parents have been recognized for their service, these children are also veterans — they each bear the wounds of war.

Visit the story link above to read more and here’s a link to some photo’s

What he wrote brought his father to tears. “Dear Journal,” wrote Hunter. “My bad days are with Daddy.”

Ask yourselves, “What are we doing? Especially to the children!”!