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Why Rush Limbaugh thinks THE ENVIRONMENTALIST is ‘unfriendly’

Recently, THE ENVIRONMENTALIST published an article entitled: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Victory’ in Pennsylvania: The Rush Limbaugh Effect.  The article discusses the potential impact on the primary numbers by those influenced to change their registration from Republican to Democrat, in order to vote for Hillary Clinton, as part of Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos.”

Today, our managing editor was informed that Mr. Limbaugh had mentioned our magazine on his radio show.

His comments and her response is here:



Pentagon Plans to Turn Baghdad’s Green Zone into Resort

This is how the Pentagon envisions the Green Zone of Baghdad after a $5 billion tourist and development scheme.

Tigris Woods

A plan by US military planners for the “Tigris Woods Golf and Country Club” in the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq.

Picture: U.S. Army/AP

There’s nothing like playing a relaxing 18 holes of golf for U.S. generals and big oil executives after a tough day in oil-rich, occupied Iraq. Or as The Guardian describes it in Luxury hotels and golf: welcome to the Green Zone:

Picture… a tree-lined plaza in Baghdad’s International Village, flanked by fashion boutiques, swanky cafes, and shiny glass office towers. Nearby a golf course nestles agreeably, where a chip over the water to the final green is but a prelude to cocktails in the club house and a soothing massage in a luxury hotel… Then, as twilight falls, a pre-prandial stroll, perhaps, amid the cool of the Tigris Riverfront Park, where the peace is broken only by the soulful cries of egrets fishing.


A Baltimore Herald Update

As some of you may have observed I’ve been working out my proposal for the Baltimore Herald.

The part I’ve been working on with the Morning and Evening Editions is news gathering and story formatting.

Now the news gathering part has been a rip roaring success from my standpoint- 80 stories today!  And it is somewhat easier and less time consuming to visit frequently and harvest just a little bit at a time.

Iran and Superclass…

It came.  It’s painful.  Written by the enemy it reveals the mindset of the rich and super powerful, much like the movie “American Psycho” they are.

I am only on page 76 and fuming.  What is needed is a genetically specific ebola virus targeting all with an income above 2 million.

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So I think this proves for sure that the material is out there to do this.  This is 80 stories today.

The republican war on voting rights

It’s long past time to talk about this whole “election integrity/voter fraud/voter ID/election fraud/ballot fraud” matter in a very different way. Consider the following hurdles that have not been overcome when talking about the need for wholesale election reform:


  • Talking about the hackability of voting machines doesn’t work because you can’t prove that they were, in fact, hacked in a manner that would show not just beyond-a-reasonable doubt but beyond-any-doubt-whatsoever (not fair, but true);
  • Talking about “voter ID”, actually, more like anti-voter laws isn’t working because, well, for starters, the SCOTUS just affirmed this, despite there being no documented case of this type of fraud occurring;
  • Talking about stolen elections hasn’t worked because either “it always happens anyway”, or the same “you can’t prove it” rebuttal;
  • Talking about the US Attorney firings or the redistricting or the stacking of the DOJ with partisan hacks is too complicated to put on a bumper sticker;
  • Talking about the thousands of anecdotes of vote machine flipping went nowhere either; and
  • Talking about exit poll discrepancies has led to the amazing argument that exit polls are not reliable, even though they are used pretty much everywhere else in the entire world as a measure of whether elections were fixed and they have never been as far off as they have so consistently been the past 8 years.

Elitistism: The Beer Drinkers Guide To The White Hosue

The Birth of Elitistism

It’s taken over 200 years, but American politics is finally evolving into a mature process that reflects the inherent nature of her people. This experiment in Democracy has taken innumerable turns and tumbles over the years, most often relying on the dominant presence of an elite ruling class to steady the ship of state. Despite the egalitarian ring of our founding principles, a nation “of the people, by the people, for the people,” still seemed more obeisant to the privileged. But no more.

Brought to you by…

News Corpse

The Internet’s Chronicle Of Media Decay.

The Serendipitous ‘Suicide’ of the D.C. Madame

“Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.”

-Joseph Stalin

You can add D.C. Madame Deborah Jeane Palfrey to that long list of marvelously convenient mysterious deaths, ‘accidents’ and ‘suicides’ that have for so long been a fixture of the hijacked by fascist American political system. The dead giveaway on the importance of Palfrey and the threat that she represents is that ordinarily such an incident would be flogged to death 24/7 on the corporate media machine given the sexual sleaze factor and the celebrity allure. Well that insipid blathering sow Nancy Grace spent about ten or fifteen minutes on it on Thursday and was then on to something ridiculous involving actor Rob Lowe, as much as I hate cable ‘news’ programs I tuned again the night after and she was talking about some kidnapped or murdered pregnant teenager, you know, the same local news that is trumped up and manufactured into a national crisis.

Pony Party: Pupdate

That’s correct – this is an update about my pups. They’re both doing better – they finally have appetites. We’ve been giving them roasted chicken – that’s all they would eat. And they’ve been on a combination of medicines, including an antibiotic, phosphate chelator and a vitamin supplement (which is a lovely opaque, brownish-orange concoction). We’ve had tried to give them sub-cutaneous fluids, which are administered by poking the scruff of their necks with a needle. Not for the pickle household faint of heart. Now they’re eating carrots, pasta and other goodies. With a bit of luck, they’ll actually eat some dog food for a balanced diet, but we had to give them anything that they’d eat just so they could start putting on some weight, as they’re currently scrawny little things. This has been a long, arduous two weeks.

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