The Clinton Problems

I have heard all the pundits that have been saying that Hillary should just drop out of the race, so that the Party can get to work on McCain.  Also we have heard that this back and forth between Clinton and Obama is good conversation.  IMO, I do not see the campaigns as a conversation, more like he said, she said petty argument.

But let us look at the problems that face Clinton:

1–Penn had to resign.

2–The Ohio hospital story

3–The sniper mis-speak

4–$109 million income for the last several years.  Hard to say you speak for those making $35,000 or less.

5–The super delegate trickle toward Obama.

6–Michigan Dem voters say no do-over

7–Lagging delegate count and popular vote

8–Her support for NAFTA before she opposed it

This list is not everything, but it is the must quoted.  My question is can she truly get the nomination with these problems.  Will a squeeker in Pennsylvania, will she be pressured to drop out?  Can she survive without a large win in Pennsylvania?

Just would like to hear what you guys think.