Pony Party, NHL Playoffs, Round 2

The first round was amazing…i always love the regular-season games, and then always pout, once the playoffs start, that they haven’t been playing this hard all year  😉  im such hockey brat!!

Anywho…here’s our first round results…

Eastern Conference

Montreal (1) over Boston in 7

Pittsburgh (2) swept Ottawa

Rangers (5) over NJ in 5.

Philly (6) over Washington in 7

Western Conference

Detroit (1) bested Nashville in 6

San Jose (2) beats Calgary in 7

Dallas (5) beat Anaheim in 6

Colorado (6) over Minnesota in 6

Dharmafan 1st round results:

who picked whom? H2D fortschreitend Night Owl undercovercalico 73v
Habs/Bruins Habs-5 Habs-4 Habs-5 Habs-6 Habs-6
Pens/Sens Pens-6 Pens-5 Pens-6 Pens-6 Pens-6/7
Caps/Flyers Caps-5 Flyers-7 Caps-7 Caps-7 Flyers-6
Devils/Rangers NJ-7 NJ-6 NY-7 NY-6 NY-7
Wings/Preds Wings-6 Wings-4 Wings-5 Wings-5 Wings-4
Sharks/Flames SJ-5 SJ-6 SJ-6 Flames-6 SJ-5
Wild/Avs Avs-7 Wild-5 Avs-6 Wild-5 Wild-6/7
Ducks/Stars Ducks-5 Stars-7 Ducks-6 Ducks-6 Ducks-6
# correct 5 6 6 4 6

(i tried to work out a mathematical formula whereby i could give some sort of ‘advantage’ to H2D and forts, who each called a series in the correct # of games…i rolled out my chalkboard on wheels, paced professorially in front of it, used many, many squiggles and intersecting arrows….and i got NOTHIN!!!  if you have any ideas, please, feel free to interject…ill be outside clapping my erasers…)

Which leaves us with the following 2nd round matchups:

(the lower-numbered seed has the home-ice advantage)

Eastern Conference

Montreal (1) vs. Philly (6)

Pittsburgh (2) vs. NY (5)

Western Conference

Detroit (1) vs. Colorado (6)

San Jose (2) vs. Dallas (5)

With only 4 series to pick, the margin for error is a lot smaller….but at least the punishments are lighter 😉  (in case youre just joining us, there are NO punishments…i was kidding).  Feel free to post your picks in the comments, whether you’ve played along so far or not….the more the merrier.

My picks, with one disclaimer:  If it were at all possible for me to ever pick against the flyers, i might just do so here.  but i cant.  my fingers woulndt let me even if my heart would 😉

Philly over Habs in 6

Pens over Rangers in 7

Detroit over Colorado in 5…maybe 6

San Jose over Dallas in 6, probably 7

Thanks to everyone who’s played, is still playing, or would like to join in.  Keep your heads up and your elbows down  😉