Kangaroo Courts of All Sorts!

I knew it, I just knew it.  When you have a really good day and create some of that White Magic in the world, Satan’s minions seek you out.  Being pretty sure I would owe tribute to the fuehrer this year I put it off the extraction of funds from my account to the account of Satan’s minions.   The sum came to more than I have and it contained yet another evil twist to boot.

In order for them to do your taxes H&R Blockhead now demands you sign an arbitration agreement.  You can go to www.hrblockhead.com/goto/optout and opt out of the arbitration “agreement”.    I will get back to that but leave some space in your mind to ponder why Kangroo Kourts of all sorts might be a bad thing.  See numbers 9 and 10.


The “agreement” says I can for a mere 5 dollars bring my complaint against H&R Blockhead to an arbitration attorney but I can’t spend money I don’t have to hire a real attorney to have my case heard in a real court.  Now most of this does not really bother me.  What bothers me is that H&R Blockhead as a company is undermining the Constitution, founding principles of the country and common law principles going back to the Magna Carter.  They are advancing the Satanic meme of arbitration.  A company is demanding surrender of your rights.  Why am I so pissed?  Well that’s two cases just this year.

What I want to do is bring up the issue of companies mandating their employees to sign binding arbitration “agreements”.    My wife with her low paid nursing assistant job was told to either sign the arbitration “agreement” or get zero hours next week.  Yes I did call the state attorney general and received all the help a Katrina victim could expect.  I have neither a copy of this “legal” document nor any concept of what it contains.

Next up is that bogus psy-op of people “getting back” $600 dollars of “stimulate the econonmy” money.  I am quite sure that money was made up through “changes” in the deduction schedules.  Please feel free to spread that rumor around.  Most likely it was simply a bribe to prevent people from doing the most Patriotic thing they could possibly do.

An Ed and Elaine Brown!!!


I was also asked if I would like to file “electronically” and even though the twenty-somethings have no clue I say, absolutely not, I do not support the technology of the anti-Christ.

New Years Resolutions?

Make more concerted efforts to get money off the electronic data mined surveillance grid.

Fire Safe.

Survival rations-check


Just keeps coming and coming don’t it.  Parting shots of your tax dollars at work.  Lord, smite them all but leave the fine people here alone.


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  1. that those “changes” to the deduction schedules weren’t for anyone earning over $2oo,ooo/yr. :*(

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