Ceasefire In Iraq

Bush and McCain have been telling the American people for weeks and even months just how well things are going in Iraq.  But then all hell blows up in their faces.  But the good news is that it is being handled by the Iraqis.  well not exactly, it is US air support and US Special Forces that are holding the whole thing together in Basra.  Shortly after McCain leaves Iraq it blows up into a massive situation killing 100s.  

But now the good news is that there will be a ceaefire called by al-Sadr.  Iraqi PM Maliki has praised the guy for his influence in stopping the violence.  Are we that stupid?  Who do you think called for the violence?  His a/hole is just flexing his muscle to show that he can do anything he wants and the the US and Maliki must deal with him and him alone.  He is a power broker and anything pertaining to Iraq will have to go through him.

There is little progress that would indicate that there is any way that we can be out of Iraq in 16 months.  Something a couple of candidates are saying.  The Iraqis have no Air Force and the US will be there to provide that for them for as long as I am alive.  I hate to admit it, but it looks like McCain is the only one of the candidates telling the truth–and his 100 year scenario looks like a done deal.  God, I really hate to admit to that!

Voters need to know this kind of stuff.  Will their candidate really produce what they promise as far as Iraq goes?