April 29, 2008 archive

Black Monday

Another “teen idol” turns “slut” in this society and somehow we are surprised?

The wife left for work with the TV on something called the entertainment channel, God, it hurts, I can almost feel my brain cells dying off.

BTW one of the photos of “Hannah” shows her giving the “sign of Satan” which I am sure the Illuminati watchers all picked up on.  Aw, crap, they don’t watch TV.


Aside from that I have come to the conclusion that the internet and alot of technology in general sucks.  It is more about constructing constructs of control and letting these evil memes seep into the mainstream and society itself.  Stay with me as I am going to jump around incoherently.

Pony Party: Leptospirosis

Thanks to all of you for your comments in my pony party last week. After a full week at the vet, my pups are now at home, though they’re not out of the woods yet. Both tails started wagging as soon as they walked in the door. And we got them to eat a bit. They’ve both had a really rough week, with maladies ranging from kidney failure to incontinence to jaundice. Have you ever seen a yellow dog? Not fur color – I mean yellow skin. It’s not a pretty sight. Both have lost over 2 lbs. In one case, that’s 20% of his body weight. For the other, it’s 15%. This hasn’t been a fun week. But, the vet is hopeful. We’ll just have to wait and see. They appear comfortable, though frail. Poor pups.

The most likely cause is leptospirosis, though that’s not confirmed yet. Pretty scary little bacteria, I must say. And, we have to take precautions, because it is zoonotic. But at least my pups are home.

Thanks again for all your kind wishes. I hope to be able to comment today, but that will depend on my schedule.

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