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New blog for Military Spouses and those who support them

We would like to have anyone come visit a brand new blog established for military spouses to discuss issues involving the troops/veterans, their spouses and their families issues.

It is not necessary to be a military spouse to join but it is anticipated that anyone who joins will follow the guidelines outlined on the site. There are some very unique issues and problems that military spouses face both in supporting their spouse and handling the “homefront” and dealing with the VA healthcare system and other military bureaucracies. Anyone might find the discussions interesting.

Carissa Picard, Esq, President of Military Spouses for Change (http://militaryspousesforchange.com/) is heading up this new blog. Carissa has been active in helping military spouses and their families for many years. She has been interviewed on many talk radio shows such as NPR. In addition to being President of Military Spouses for Change and this new blog, Carissa is the wife of a Blackhawk Medivac pilot who served a tour in South America and is due to go to Iraq in June with orders for a 16 month tour. She is also the mother of two young boys.

There are a number of other very active military spouses who have already joined and are participating.

Come on over and check it out.

     Military Spouse Press

Military Spouses Empowering Military Spouses


Docudharma Times Sunday April 13

It’s my freedom

Ah, don’t worry ’bout me, babe

I got to be free, babe


Sunday’s Headlines: HUD Chief Inattentive To Crisis, Critics Say: Bill Clinton, China linked via his foundation: Secret Iraqi Deal Shows Problems in Arms Orders: Israel re-brands kibbutzim to lure eco-aware generation:  Exclusive: Mugabe prepares for war:  Plan for Darfur peace talks in UK: Western press ‘demonises’ China:  Paramilitary Olympics: Beijing: at least 94,000 security staff – but only 10,500 athletes: ‘Acceptable face’ of fascism may cost Berlusconi victory:  A Maker of Books Destroys 100,000: Haiti Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis fired

Dalai Lama plans Tibet crisis remarks Sunday

Until now, he has avoided issue at Seattle conference on compassion

SEATTLE – The Dalai Lama planned to speak about the turmoil in Tibet on Sunday, but so far on his U.S. tour he has simply urged people to have hope for the future and to look past a century of bloodshed and toward a period of dialogue.

The spiritual leader of Tibet delivered his keynote speech Saturday to more than 50,000 people during the second day of a five-day conference on compassion.

Coda to the Petraeus Coverage: Saudi Arabia?

Last summer, in the run-up to General Petraeus’ September testimony to Congress, there were a number of stories in the U.S. press about fighters from Saudi Arabia entering Iraq to cause violence.  Indeed, back in summer of 2007, it was possible to read in a mainstream newspaper, every now and then, that a plurality of foreign fighters in Iraq were Saudis.

Iglesia ……………………………………… Episode 47

(Iglesia is a serialized novel, published on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight ET, you can read all of the episodes by clicking on the tag.)

Previous episode and previous pertinent episode

Another hatch and Abe and Rogers are walking through an evergreen forest. If Abe had noticed, he would have seen that it was just as beautiful, just as perfect, as all of the other worlds that they had passed through. Just the varieties of shades of green, and the way they meld and mesh together alone is hypnotically beautiful, for anyone paying attention. He isn’t. His head is down and he is walking. And walking, and walking. In silence. Using every mental technique he knows to avoid thought, and concentrating on the physical act of walking. Stretching his legs and closing his mind to all thoughts of….her. Rogers has to hurry to keep ahead of him. They walk all day without stopping. Abe never even thinks of rest, or food or water. There is no need for them from his body, so it never occurs to him to desire them.

Saturday Night YouTube: Last Waltz Edition!

So, I was trying to decide what to listen to while I did my exercise bike time and I looked around to see what there was I hadn’t listened to in a while.  Usually, I listen to either Gackt Red or Gackt Blue (highly reccomended), sometimes I listen to Elton John from the Garden (Greatest Hits Live), somtimes Freddy’s Tribute Concert, and sometimes the Statler Brothers Farewell show (all just fabulous).  Then I looked, and I saw the Last Waltz!  Bingo!

Gates Pushes, Sadr Slams Back

Is Iraq about to Blow Wide Open, 19 U.S. Killed so far this week, and it might be just the beginning.

I’m hoping some Sense comes into play here, or it’s back to what it was or Worse!

Sadr says US will always be enemy

Seattle Says Hello Dalai!

The Dalai Lama addressed thousands today.  I narrowly missed getting a free ticket but did manage to run into an old friend I hadn’t seen in a decade as I left Qwest Field.  The area was ultra-high security but there was a steady rush to get inside to hear him.  I did manage to get a free poster (like in the photo above) from the public library.

He said:

“Many problem essentially are own creation; therefore logically, we must have the ability to eliminate this problem.  It is our own interest and responsibility to make this century should be century of dialogue.”

He said the 20th century has become like “century of bloodshed,” and suggested the elimination all nuclear weapons.

“So firstly, on action level, whenever we face problem, different interest, disagreement, the realistic method is nonviolent dialogue. That’s the only way. If you use force in order to solve one problem, it often create lots of unexpected side effect … Nonviolence not just mere absence of violence, nonviolence means facing problem with real determination, vision, wider perspective.”


Pony Party… Boston

Boston. I think it’s in Massachusetts. It is famous for a tea party.

It is also where undercovercalico is…you know the one who usually does the Saturday Pony Parties….who brings us Saturday Morning Art! and many other Interesting Ponies at noon and six…?

It is also where many of the DD girls & I believe maybe a couple of the DD guys(?) are today.

Don’t rec this pony cause it’s really lame. Go to the Front Page and find one of the many excellent essays there to recommend. They deserve it, this doesn’t.

And if by chance another Pony Party shows up at 6pm….go there and leave this one hangin in the wind.

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