April 1, 2008 archive

Keith Richards: “Cheese is very wrong.”

I just wanted to alert you all to a wonderful, hilarious interview with Keith Richards, in, of all places, GQ. Read the whole thing, because he’s his usual brilliant, irascible self; but I want to highlight what is my oddly favorite section:

Like your immune system-legendary.

It’s above average, yes.

That’s a fact of medical science?

Yes. They want it so they can study it and figure out how to make other people much better. [laughs] I mean, I eat everything wrong. I shove terrible things inside me.

Yet you won’t eat cheese.

No! Cheese is very wrong.

And then there’s this:

Why do you think some people live and some die?

Lack of breath?

Pony Party: Peeps Research

Got leftover Peeps from Easter? A bit tough to the touch? Your

Peeps got you thinking about hockey? Or perhaps you need a trip to the dentist?

Are you starting to feel animosity toward your Peeps?

Well, perhaps rather than eat your Peeps, you can donate them to a wonderful cause: scientific research.

That’s right! From solubility studies to ultra-high vacuum, Peeps Research is here for you.

Hope y’all have fun torturing your Peeps! Just don’t EVER think of doing the same with Pickles!

As usual, I have a conflict at 3… I’ll pop into the jar later this afternoon.



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