Impeachment: The Chickens Come Home to Roost

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From Russia comes an interesting view of impeachment and the strange standards which both the Democrats and Republicans seem to think are set for it.

Original article by David R. Hoffman, Legal Editor of Pravda.Ru :

In several previous Pravda.Ru articles, particularly American Morality Scam and American Morality Scam Part II, I explained that by limiting the definition of “morality” to issues involving human sexuality, religious, business and political leaders are able to treat their fellow human beings as sadistically, unjustly or callously as they want, secure in the knowledge their deeds will never be labeled “immoral” by the corrupt power structure.

One of the interesting points about the internet as it exists today is that we can gather information from sources around the world. All you have to do is type in an address, and viola (!) that site appears. And then there’s the miracle of the search engines. For instance, if you go to Google and search capitalism, you get these results. You can find much of what you want and much of what you don’t simply by doing a search! Hence, we can find articles about impeachment from a source in Russia!

I also explained that this reality was evidenced by the fact that while former President Bill Clinton faced impeachment proceedings for lying about an extramarital affair, America’s illegally appointed, illegitimate occupant of the White House, George W. Bush, and his partner-in-crime Dick Cheney, have never faced (and most likely will never face) any form of impeachment or criminal penalties for starting an illegal war whose costs have been billions of tax dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives.

This is the crux of the issue, isn’t it? Sex sells, killing doesn’t. It should tell us something about the mindset of Democratically controlled Congresses. We didn’t impeach during Iran Contra, and those criminals came back, to a great extent, during W’s administration. We’re not likely to impeach now (grrrrrr), and when there’s another Republican administration, we can expect that the criminals will be back in power.

Somehow in the eyes of those in power, including the “Democratic Congress” that many hoped would be a catalyst for change, such acts apparently do not rise to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” necessary to institute impeachment proceedings. So while Bush, Cheney and countless other hypocrites have routinely demonstrated their cowardice by hawking the Iraqi war, demanding sacrifices of others that they-through family influence and deferments-refused to make themselves, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated the cowardice of the Democratic Party by refusing to institute impeachment proceedings against them.

‘Hope’ and ‘change’ are powerful concepts. A candidate might even run their whole campaign based upon those concepts. We’ve seen this Democratic Congress ignore ‘hope’ and ‘change’ to our detriment.

The article then goes on to ask how ironic it is that sexual escapades can reach the level of impeachment, but the following won’t:

1. The use of torture. Where is the moral outrage over the fact that George W. Bush recently vetoed a bill banning “water boarding,” a torture heralding back to the days of the Spanish Inquisition?

I can remember a time when ‘America doesn’t torture’ didn’t even need to be stated. Now, mind you, we probably did. We at least had the advantage of plausible deniability. I guess we should be thankful for W’s administration for ending this hypocrisy as much as we may fume that they’ve done so. Where is the groundswell for impeachment over this?

2. The use of slave labor for corporate profits. Where is the moral outrage when thousands upon thousands of American workers are thrown out of work everyday, while billions of dollars in profits roll in from child and prison labor, the maquiladoras in Mexico, and sweat shops throughout the world?

Do we expect things to change should a Democrat be elected President in 2008? Why? Globalization is a creed which has been accepted by both parties, for the most part. Profits over workers is a similarly accepted creed.

3. Lack of patriotism. Where is the moral outrage over the double standard enjoyed by American corporations that abandon their nation or overcharge their government for products and services during wartime? After all, average people are supposed to be patriotic, and often find themselves ostracized, threatened and condemned for even questioning the motives for war. Yet corporations that engage in ruthless war profiteering, or that leave America during wartime to exploit lax labor and environmental standards in other nations, are praised for their business “acumen.”

Economic patriotism is treated as a bad idea. Now, history tells us that businesses will take advantage of economic patriotism to hold down the economies of other countries. Needless to say, globalization allows the advantage to be taken of the whole world in the persuit of profit.

4. Price gouging. Where is the moral outrage over the price gouging of big oil companies, who carry politicians around in their hip pockets, destroying the economies of entire nations because the billions they already make in profit aren’t enough?

Hmmm…a theme seems to be developing here.

5. The protection of corporate fascism. Where is the moral outrage over the fact that, regardless of what political party is in power, all governmental institutions, under the guise (or lies) of promoting “freedom” and “democracy,” exploit their resources to protect the profits of multi-national corporations, awarding no-bid “rebuilding” contracts to political cronies, and using the military to ensure continued oil profits in Iraq and the abundance of cheap labor in Central and South America, while condemning as subversive or anti-democratic, and frequently destroying, any group or social movement that strives for social, racial or economic justice.

The corporatism version of capitalism has no morality beyond making ever greater profits. It has infected our body politic here in the US. Congress’ lack of will on the issue of impeachment is part of this. We won’t hold this current administraton to account through impeachment because corporate money will dry up. We won’t get Single Payer health care because corporate money will dry up. On so many issues, the chickens have truely come home to roost.

The moral of the story is this: American politicians can do nothing immoral, illegal or worthy of impeachment, no matter how vile, unjust or corrupt it may be, as long as they keep their clothes on while doing it.

And the fact that Americans continue to permit such a moral to exist is the greatest immorality of all.

I couldn’t say it better myself. Of course, Socrates said it best, for impeachment is self-examination of the body politic:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”

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  1. Hope and change are all well and good, as long as they are acted upon.

    • OPOL on March 23, 2008 at 1:15 pm

    we are not worth saving.

    Cool diary rj.

  2. already signed on, here’s the petition:


    Cheney first!

    • justice on March 23, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    by downgrading “high crimes and misdemeanors” this ensures the continuation of the corrupt power structure, with “dems” leading the way to keep the abuses in place.

    What does bother me is the message of “hope and change” is meaningless…it is the opium of the masses now.  Because if you look behind the curtain of hope and change, there is no plan to rein in the excesses, to delete the theory of “unitary executive”, to keep the money flowing to the wealthy.  

    The only change that will happen is that brought by ourselves, not with oratory, but with action.

  3. Needless to say, globalization allows the advantage to be taken of the whole world in the persuit of profit.

    World-society’s capitalist economic structure is to grease the wheels for a transnational capitalist class, solidified in forums such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group, the World Economic Forum, the WTO, and so on.  Nations throughout the world have been reduced to being conduits for corporate profit — if their policymakers can’t be purchased they are to be reduced to servitude through manipulation of the banking and currency systems, as was done to Lula in Brazil before his election.  The last resort, US troop invasion, was a commonplace in the 20th century.

    And you’d think that if the world were to be united as such, then hunger, say, or war, or environmental destruction, would disappear from the Earth (since the main impediment to their solution, national rivalry, has been reduced to irrelevance).  Nope!  War persists to maintain the pretense of national rivalry, so that ordinary people can remain cooped up within national boundaries while the transnational class flits from nation to nation organizing and re-organizing the world behind the concept of its own privilege.  Hunger?  How else are we to keep people paying for food, if there isn’t a billion-weak class of people who don’t get enough?  And environmental destruction?  The point of capitalism is to urbanize the world, so that as people are deprived of the ability to live off of the land, the ordinary necessities of a decent life can be sold back to them as commodities, forcing their participation in the money system.  If they don’t participate in the money system, how else are they to be taxed?  

  4. but I’d be more willing to rec and comment if you came by a little more often to reply.

  5. when ‘America doesn’t torture’ didn’t even need to be stated. Now, mind you, we probably did.

    Not probably. Agents of the U.S. taught torture to Latin American military men, and in Southeast Asia used its surrogates to apply the electrodes and do the other nastiness while they asked the questions. Even now, while we rightly object to “waterboarding” by our own officials, the real torture goes on by third-party nationals in secret prisons to where prisoners have been renditioned.

  6. And they’ll never be placed in charge again, because even though they’ve had the power to turn things around the party “leadership” refused.  Defeat from the jaws of victory.

    • RUKind on March 24, 2008 at 4:16 am

    I must be unpatriotic for agreeing with everything he wrote. In fact, I couldn’t have said it better myself. We live in a media matrix that keeps us anesthetized to the to the basic immorality of the rulers. And our rulers have gone global. Just wait until Murdoch is dead and his Manchurian wife runs News Corpse. The coming generations don’t stand a chance if the spell doesn’t get broken real soon.

    • documel on March 24, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated the cowardice of the Democratic Party by refusing to institute impeachment proceedings against them.”

    Look, Pelosi is a link in the chain of failure, yet, I’ve never heard one of her colleagues ask for her “impeachment.”  We, the unpowerful, the unelected, are calling for impeachment of all of the above–and neither party cares.  No media cares.  Even the Russians–including Putin–know that we are a shadow of a democracy.  

    If what we have in America is a democracy, I want none of it.  We are morally and financially bankrupt, corporations get saved, homeowners get ridiculed.  I’m also fed up with blogs, all talk, no action–and no–marching in DC is not action.  I’m a pacifist (and/or coward)–but what would Jefferson and Adams do?

    If Pelosi/Reid represent the Dem party, why vote in November?  Neither Obama nor Clinton advocate impeachment –or even a change in leadership–they will not be the solution.  We are as powerless as are the Tibetans–who we won’t help because China has control of our currency.  Our media is as unreliable as is Pravda–ot more so.  Our armed forces don’t complain–they are “good Germans.”  

    Sorry to sound off here–this is one of the better blogs–but all we do is sing to the choir.  That so few Dems demand impeachment proves blogs have not reached a wider audience.  I have no answer for the country, but I do have an answer for my family–keep it small.  Don’t depend on the “man” for anything–don’t trust any government agency–hide cash from the bankers–diversify out of the US Dollar.  A new Katrina is coming–gonna blow away this corrupt country.  

    Stella–we were contendas–coulda been one still–but we lost our way–got greedy, soft, and stupid.  Stella!! (On the Waterfront riff from a Brooklyn boy)  

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