Dennis Kucinich: Thanks!!!

As if it even needs to be said, our thanks should be going out to Dennis Kucinich! For standing up for Single Payer Not-for-Profit Health Care for all. For calling on the withdrawl from NAFTA. For standing against the war and occupation in Iraq, and not voting to fund this catastrophe. And for standing up to Dick Cheney and W by calling for their impeachment.

Thanks, Dennis!

We know that Dennis stands for those of us on the Left. We know that he stands for those of us who are not faux Progressives. We know that he stands for workers and families. We know that he stands for the Constitution. We know that he stands for the heroes who’ve been screwed by Dick and W:

If you stand with Dennis, you can go to his campaign site.  There, you can donate or even volunteer  for his Congressional campaign.  If you prefer, you can donate via my ActBlue  page for Dennis’ campaign.

The OH-10 primary is this coming Tuesday, March 4.  The best way to thank Dennis, if you live in the 10th district, is to vote for him.  Dennis’ voice in Congress is needed for those progressive causes we all support!

As always,

Go Dennis!

For those on the Left, Dennis is OUR Congressman!

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  1. Go Dennis!

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