CIA chief says Iran has nuclear weapons drive w/poll

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Original article via Agence France-Presse.

WASHINGTON (AFP) – CIA chief Michael Hayden expressed his personal belief Sunday that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program, but also stood by the agency’s assessment that the program was suspended in 2003.

A Republican having a personal belief that a country in the Middle East is doing something bad?  Who’d have thought it?

“Personal belief, yes. It’s hard for me to explain. This is not court of law stuff,” the Central Intelligence Agency director said on NBC television.

I suppose it’s a step up for the Republicans that one of their own can say this.  But, notice: He gets to scare monger while saying that he’s not got the facts to back said scare mongering up.  Ever the politician, I guess.

Iran’s defiance of UN Security Council sanctions showed the Islamic republic had something to hide with its production of enriched uranium, Hayden said.

It’s actually quite funny.  Iran’s pretty much been given a clean bill on this, and yet the administration keeps pushing that they’re going for a nuke.  Wouldn’t it be great if they listen to the people on the ground this time around?  Just think if we would have done the same in response to Iraq’s ‘WMDs’ in the lead up to that fiasco.

In December, the CIA and rest of the US intelligence community said that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003, and that US charges about Tehran’s atomic goals had been overblown for at least two years.

And that stops W and his warmongers?  Hardly.

“Another part of the report that we emphasize is that (the) program had stopped in 2003. It’s very clear they were weaponizing. It remained a program that the Iranians continue to deny ever existed,” he said.

“And the other aspect of the Iranian nuclear effort beyond the weaponization, the development of delivery systems, all continue.”

Iran builds missles.  They could be delivery systems for Nukes.  Hence, Iran wants and is trying to build Nukes.  It tells you something about the thinking of this current US administration.

Tehran insists its program is peaceful.

They allow inspections.  If someting changes, we will probably know about it.  Why not keep an eye on them without ratcheting up the war rhetoric.

“Obviously, they’re … heavily involved in trying to develop nuclear weapons enrichment, the enrichment of uranium to weapons-grade levels,” Cheney said in an interview with ABC television.

Cheney, however, did not mention on what he based his accusation.

Dick Cheney’s lips move, nothing verifiable comes out.  Nothing new here.  If he has real proof, put it on the table for the world to see.  Otherwise, we have no reason to believe what he says.

And when reminded about the missing WMDs in Iraq, and the fact that Saddam was speaking the truth about them:

“I understand. But, again, you’ve asked me for an assessment and I can only work from the facts that I see,” the CIA boss said.

It makes you wonder what the General isn’t looking at.

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  1. The war drums keep beating….

    • TMC on March 31, 2008 at 6:31 pm


    Thank the Goddess, that not many people watch MTP and the rest of the Mainstream Corporate Media was too busy praising Obama and trashing Clinton.

    The one thing I would really like to see is Gen. Hayden in CIVILIAN CLOTHES. He is the Director of the CIA which is a CIVILIAN agency and supposed to be headed by a CIVILIAN. Sorry, I forgot we are not playing this game with any rules or facts.

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