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I’m not on strike

But I have been very sick, the past week. And I’m only beginning to recover. Which means I’m not having fun yet. But at least I’m not on strike. Buhdy pays me too well.

And if you think reading the major blogs is bad when your head is clear, try it when it’s not! I’ve become a lurker. Which takes much less time and is much less annoying than not being a lurker.

But I just wanted to make clear that I’m not on strike. Because lots of people are. Or are offended by people who are. Or are launching counterstrikes. Or are offended by people launching counterstrikes. But I’m not on strike. Although I do reserve the right to be offensive.

The bad news is that if you watch too much television, it might fuck up your circadian rhythms. The good news is that Denmark and Sweden won’t be declaring war on each other because of IKEA. And the best news is that while other blogs are abandoning the pretense of being reality-based, we never had such a pretense in the first place!

Stand for Peace – Fifth Anniversary of Iraq War

Cross posted from DailyKos.

Please join me in a protest against the war.

On March 19, 2003 (US time), the US invaded Iraq on a search for “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – the first of many excuses claimed by the Bush Administration for this illegal war.

On the five year anniversary of that invasion, I ask you to join me in protest.

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