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A little girl without a home.

I would like to pull your attention away from the volcanic candidate fiasco, global warming and Brittney, if just for a moment, and bring to you the plight of a little girl who needs a home. She didn’t have much luck at her first home and is now looking for some new parents that will give her the love and care that she needs.

Her name is Ellie, and I hope that by meeting her one of you kind folks would find it in your heart to make her dream a reality.


To some, the most disturbing part of this video is Bush killing time while waiting for John McCain by doing a stupid little dance. But we know Bush is a nincompoop. What I find most disturbing- what I’ve always found most disturbing about his press appearances- is the seeming giddy laughter whenever he makes an insipid little “joke.” These are supposed to be professional journalists. Do they really find him funny? Or are they so shallow and simple-minded that proximity to a “president” makes them fawn, babble, and drool? I guess we’ll find out, next year. And I’m not sure which is worse.

Pony Party: Your Morning Art

Do you feel all sophisticated from the early morning “art attack”, I know I do.

What can I say, my mother liked Carole King back in the day. I suspect the main reason I jumped so quickly onto the punk bandwagon when it first came out was that mu mother was a big folkie. I still like Gordon Lightfoot.

Please don’t rec pony party, hang out and chit chat and then go read the excellent offerings on our recent and rec’d list.

Docudharma Times Saturday March 8

I can only smile while I’m watching you shout

there’s too many people moving in the

frame they don’t know about

Saturday’s Headlines: Sharp Drop in Jobs Adds to Grim Picture of U.S. Economy: Depopulation Boom: Chavez urges unity after summit: Wal-Mart plants seeds of alliance with Latin farmers :Spain cancels election rallies after murder:  Anxious moments as Europe’s freighter makes maiden flight to space station: Lawyer missing after criticising China’s human rights record: Malaysia voters vow to bring change despite fears of poll fraud: Tearful funeral for slain Israeli religious students in Jerusalem: Arab leaders threaten to boycott Damascus summit: ‘They made me chant Robert Mugabe is always right, while I was being beaten’

A Kurdish Society of Soldiers

In Rugged N. Iraq, Guerrillas Forge a Unity Based on Hardship and Defiance

ZAP VALLEY, Iraq — On the day the Turkish soldiers withdrew from Iraq, 40 Kurdish guerrillas convened to bury five of their dead

The corpses were wrapped in black plastic and camouflage tarp, lashed to stretchers fashioned from branches, and draped in the flag of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK. In silence the guerrillas stacked large rocks into five piles, resting the stretchers end-to-end on the cairns. They stood in two rows with machine guns pointed above the mountains that surrounded them and waited for their leader to speak.

Last surviving U.S. World War I vet honored by president

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Frank Woodruff Buckles was just 15 years old when he joined the U.S. Army. Soon, he was deployed to war and headed overseas on the Carpathia — the same ship used in the rescue mission of the Titanic.

He drove ambulances in Britain and France for soldiers wounded during World War I.

A few decades later, Buckles was in the Philippines as a civilian, on December 7, 1941, the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. He was taken as a prisoner of war for 39 months in Manila, eating his meals out of a single tin cup.

More than 60 years later, he still clings to that cup, the one that sustained his life. Weathered with age, the cup has flecks of white paint chipped off. He keeps it as a reminder of his sacrifice for the country he so loves. He also still has his dog tags.

Help! GoDaddy,, someone else, private registration???

I’m finally getting ready to make good on my threat to start a website or three.  (You’ll like them.)  I’d like to know people’s feelings about GoDaddy and other domain name registrars.  Also, how much does DomainsByProxy cost and with whom do they work besides GoDaddy?  Finally, one thing I’m going to want to start is a wiki; does anyone have experience with, or know of better Wiki-hosting alternatives?

Some of my considerations: I’d like to prepare for the site to grow over time, and to be able to up the bandwidth as it becomes necessary with minimal hassle.  I’d also like advice on how to acquire a template, etc.  These are vague questions, I realize, but that means I can benefit from almost any level of guidance.

Random Japan

Would you like some bug spray with them dumplins’?

A chemical analysis by police of pesticide-tainted gyoza dumplings sold in Chiba and Hyogo prefectures added weight to the speculation that the food was poisoned in China, where it came from, and not in Japan.

On the heels of the nasty gyoza scandal, a deputy commissioner general of the National Police Agency was to visit Chinese public security officials to discuss bilateral cooperation in criminal investigations.

A frozen-food company in Kagawa Prefecture said that pesticide was detected in frozen mackerel imported from China. The fish had been distributed to sushi restaurants throughout Japan.

Obama gets letter from Obama

The Yomiuri Shimbun

FUKUI–The Obama municipal government in Fukui Prefecture has received a letter from U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, the municipal government announced Tuesday.

In the letter, Obama said he appreciated the support he received from the people of Obama and praised the city’s rich culture, deep tradition and natural beauty.

“I am touched by your friendly gesture,” he wrote.

“We share more than a common name; we share a common planet and common responsibilities,” he wrote.

According to the municipal government, the letter, which was typed and dated from Washington D.C., Feb. 21, was sent by airmail to Mayor Toshio Murakami on Monday.

“The letter will help citizens of Obama feel much closer to [Barack] Obama,” Murakami said.

Funkalicious Friday: Dead Flowers

{Donna Alert!!!}

btw I remember this show! Thus proving Robin Williams partly wrong, more from a great show below…

Quote for Discussion: His Dark Materials

When you choose one way out of many, all the ways you don’t take are snuffed out like candles, as if they’d never existed.  At the moment all Will’s choices existed at once.  But to keep them in existence meant doing nothing.  He had to choose, after all.

~Phillip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass – His Dark Materials Book 3

Reading the His Dark Materials trilogy, the oddest thing about it to me is how as characters learn that Lord Asriel’s plan is to attempt to storm heaven and overthrow God, every character who learns about it finds it natural and is immediately willing to do what they can to help.   I find this shocking, as people in general are quite willing to find most governments to be evil, including their own, but instinctively recoil from any attempt to overthrown not only their own government, but nearly all governments.

This is today’s quote for discussion.  

Friday Night at 8: What Are We Fighting For?

I made a comment in buhdy’s essay, “Repealing the Status Quo – A Race Against Time” about a couple of conversations I had at work today.  After I made the comment, I had yet a third conversation.

I work at a law firm.  During the day, I heard from both a fellow secretary and a senior partner that they simply would not vote for Hillary Clinton.  My co-worker explained she was disgusted at whoever from the Hillary campaign compared Obama to Ken Starr.  The senior partner didn’t explain his reasoning at all.

Then in the afternoon I ran into another fellow secretary.  She said she was worried that because the tone of Hillary’s campaign was getting nasty, Obama would have to go negative and the whole dialogue would get worse and worse.  She didn’t seem angry as much as just plain sad.  I agreed that would be a lousy turn of events.

I’ve written before that I feel the present 2008 Presidential campaign is nothing but a shiny distraction, bread and circuses for the masses so that we don’t pay attention to what is really going on in this country, how the goons and crooks inhabiting the White House are, along with their enablers, continually committing crimes of treason and just plain crimes against humanity.  And I still feel that, and it shapes my view of what is going on with the Presidential election.

But I can also chew gum and walk at the same time!  So I do pay attention, somewhat, to the campaigns.

We’re an Org! (The Environmentalist)

The site I write for, THE ENVIRONMENTALIST, has just been granted international ‘org’ status by the organisation that oversees such things.

Apparently, we’re doing our bit for the public interest across the pond.


If you have a link to the .com site in your blogroll, please change it to:


(and if you don’t, why?)

Sorry, but I’m feeling quite happy about this.  It’s a bit different than just getting the .org extension.  We’re been recognised as an org, which means we’ll be able to work with international organisations, research libraries, etc.  The bad (but not too bad) news is that we lose all our stats and rankings and have to start over, although we have climbed already from #704 to #83 of top science blogs in the last hour (we were at #3 as a .com for a while).

That should, hopefully, be set to rights rather quickly, as it seems to read live hits.

Which is my way of saying: please visit, if only to push our stats.  And same request as before, regarding our redesign, especially since our links may not be sticky.  Feedback would be grand.


Free For All: The Media’s Gift To Political Advertisers

In the days leading up to the March 4 primaries in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island, millions of residents of those states (and of America) saw a now infamous advertisement from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

However, the “Red Phone/3 am” ad was mostly seen by viewers of news programs that broadcast the commercial for free. In effect, the media is providing millions of dollars worth of in-kind contributions to candidates in the name of reporting on the content of their ads.

It didn’t begin with Clinton.

Brought to you by…

News Corpse

The Internet’s Chronicle Of Media Decay.

FISA: Go F%#k Yourselves

Glenn Greenwald is reporting that House Democrats are actively circulating a new FISA bill that effectively capitulates to the President’s demands.  Nancy Pelosi hosted a blogger conference yesterday where she stated that telco immunity would not be provided in any legislation she backed in Congress.  But apparently everything else was up for grabs, because exclusivity was the real issue.  

Thanks Nancy.

And we thought we’d won, because the House just put off what now seems like inevitable capitulation. Am I the only one here who believes that these representative (and senators) have essentially turned to you and me and said:  “Go fuck yourselves”?

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