Speaking about Lobbyists,

And Immigration.

Think they don’t mix?

Well, GOP lobbyist had no work permit

And guess who he worked for:

A former California Republican Party official who resigned last year in a controversy over his immigration status had no valid visa or work permit during his high-profile career as a Washington lobbyist for conservative icon Grover Norquist, newly filed court records show.

Grover, grover, grover, thought you were a wizard on the political smear front, didn’t enter your mind that reality bites back!

For Norquist, Kamburowski lobbied Congress on dozens of issues, including immigration reform, according to his resume. He also directed the Norquist organization’s Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, an effort to rename public buildings to honor the former president.

Wonder if Ronald knew or cared, and did he come cheaper than a legal?

It’s abit juicier, the ‘Gate’ gives the layout.

Hmmmm, wonder if he was buds with the ‘Brain’?

Off to work, but a thought on Castro as well: