Immigration Success? No! Incompetence to the Extreme!!

Which seems to be the norm for this country, just look at the leadership that’s allowed to continue,

across the board, on any subject one might pick!

A Los Angeles man with mental problems,

who spent three months lost in Mexico after being deported despite being a U.S. citizen, sued homeland security

and immigration officials on Wednesday.

Mr Guzman apparently was arrested for trespassing and speant time in lockup than,

“Immigration and Customs Enforcement put Peter Guzman on a bus with $3 in his pocket and put him out in Tijuana,”

said his lawyer, Jim Brosnahan. “With no family or friends in Mexico, he broke down and thought that his country had rejected him.”

Guess what, His Country Had!!

He survived, apparently by begging, washing in a river, and sleeping outdoors, for Three Freaking Months,

he may have had mental problems, but he sure Outshines most of the people I’ve observed, especially this last decade or so.

They finally reunited him with his family, looking for him desperately and in any place they could think of including morgues

after border guards stopped him as he was crossing back into California.

Wonder how many “Super Patriots”, who couldn’t exist in their materialistic world without Low Waged Workers, i.e. Illegals,

will Apologize to a Fellow Citizen, Mr Guzman, of this ever so fine Country!

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