Freedom Rider: Democrats Target Kucinich for Defeat w/poll

Via and by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley.

It’s an interesting look at what’s going on with his re-nomination campaign in OH-10.

In his presidential campaigns in 2004 and 2008, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich told Democrats a brutal truth. Party orthodoxy is a disaster, a series of lies that must no longer be accepted. While his opponents, Obama, Clinton and Edwards, made it clear they weren’t serious about ending the occupation of Iraq, Kucinich presented a plan to do just that. When they made the case for leaving a failed for-profit health care system intact, Kucinich said that non-profit universal care was possible. He co-sponsored legislation calling for impeachment hearings against Vice President Cheney and President Bush while leadership declared the criminals should go free.

It’s fascinating that one of the leading ‘progressives’ in Congress is having such a fight for re-nomination.  It’s interesting that the leading anti-war voice in Congress is having such a fight for re-nomination.  It’s interesting that the leading voice in Congress for Universal Single-Payer Not-for-Profit Health Care is having such a fight for re-nomination.  It is fascinating that the leading voice for Impeachment is having such a fight for re-nomination.

Not to mention that ‘progressives’ found it easy to discard him as a candidate for President.  Perhaps ‘progressives’ don’t want to hear brutal truths.  Perhaps the go-along-to-get-alongers like where the country is.  It seems that ‘hope’ overrides principles.

Elected mayor of Cleveland in 1977, Dennis Kucinich refused to allow a privately owned electrical utility to purchase that city’s publicly owned utility. In an effort to force the sale and thereby create a monopoly, banks refused to extend the city any credit and plunged it into default. Kucinich paid the price for his principles when he was defeated in his re-election effort. Years later Kucinich was vindicated, having stopped what would have been an enormous corporate theft of public money and services.

One of the truths about the situation is that it is our corporate masters who want Dennis gone.  Why?  He stands up to them.  We know this, and we know that he’ll do what’s right rather than go for the easy re-nomination and re-election.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer added it’s adled voice to the campaign:

“Congress runs on relationships and loyalties. Yet Kucinich repeatedly has defied House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team [emphasis mine] by not supporting their attempts to impose a deadline on U.S. involvement in Iraq – even when those attempts were part of realistic bipartisan proposals to recalibrate a policy he detests.”

Defying the current Leadership in the House?  I should think that’d make Dennis a hero in the ‘progressive community.’

Support for Nancy Pelosi and the awful Democratic Congressional leadership should not be held up as the standard for political success. After declaring that Kucinich’s principles aren’t worth supporting, the Plain Dealer heaps further insult by comparing Kucinich to Democrats who win approval by failing the people. Barney Frank is used as an example. “. . . he knows when and how to cut a deal. He delivers [emphasis mine] for his party, his constituents and his beliefs.

Citizens never benefit from what Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi would call victory. There is no bipartisan recalibration with the Bush regime. Bush still gets what he wants from Democrats. They fund the Iraq occupation, support trade deals that endanger American workers, refuse to rebuild the Gulf Coast, and say nothing when administration officials ignore their subpoenas. Because acquiescence is equated with political rectitude, Kucinich flunks the test.

It seems that the Democratic Party has chosen the path of acquiesence and subservience.  Dennis doesn’t fit that mode.  Does this mean that his voice should be silenced?

Kucinich is a “black” congressional candidate. He was the only progressive in the presidential campaign. His re-election should be the first priority for activists in this presidential campaign year. Imagine a Congress with no voice for impeachment. Imagine Congress with no questions about Iraqi civilian casualties. Imagine a Congress without Kucinich when Bush decides on his pretext for war against Iran. Imagine the worst, because that is what we will have if Kucinich is defeated.

If you agree that Dennis Kucinich should be returned to Congress, where his clear voice and principles are so badly needed, help support his re-nomination campaign!  His campaign website is, where you can learn more about the Congressman.  You can also donate to the campaign here or at my Act Blue Dennis for Congress page.

As always,

Go Dennis!

For those of us on the left, Dennis is OUR Congressman!

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  1. Go Dennis!

  2. I am totally sick from what is being done to Kucinich by corporatists, who view him as a threat for speaking the truth.

    PDA and The Pen have also joined in an effort to help Kucinich with re-election.  This, from The Pen

    Because of the abysmal approval ratings of Congress itself, there is a real groundswell of “throw the bums out” voting, as evidenced by the 24 point victory in the primary challenge this week by progressive Donna Edwards. But we need to very careful not to let the

    exceptionally good be swept out with the bad.

    That is why we need everyone to see this new Dennis Kucinich ad, to protect his seat from a hostile primary challenge in his own district.

    Thank You Dennis Video: Thank you, Dennis

    For weeks big money has been running terribly false attack ads against Dennis trying to smear him out of Congress. And Dennis needs your help to fight back by running the ad on the page above in his own district. So if you can make any kind of donation, please use the easy form on the same page above to do so.

    And to thank you for your valiant support, Dennis wants you to have as his gift to you a copy of his special Kucinich commemorative edition pocket constitution, with your donation of $100 or more. And if you are one of the few who has not be blindsided by Cheney’s gut the economy agenda, Dennis Kucinich will personally autograph your

    copy with your donation of $1,000 or more.

    Please note that even if you had already donated the full legal limit to his brave presidential run, which had a real impact in shifting the debate, you can donate another $2,300 for his congressional seat defense.

    But even if you can’t make a donation right now, there is still something incredibly important you can do to help, and that is to send links to the video to anyone you can. So you can either ask your friends to visit the page above, or you can send them to the YouTube page here.

    YouTube Link: Thank you, Dennis

    So please do what you can to spread the word that this is a must win, must keeper situation. It is only because of the courage of Dennis Kucinich in standing strong to protect and defend the constitution that we are where we are now, with more and more members of Congress

    clamoring for meaningful impeachment hearings, and the House still holding the line against that craven telecom immunity thing.

    Let us not be complacent. Let us not take anything for granted just because Dennis is so amazing on every issue. We have to make sure that we empower Dennis to remind his constituents what a magnificent job he has been doing for them and for us all. And nothing would push impeachment forward more than the most clearcut victory for Dennis in

    his primary.

    Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

    I can’t think of anything more important than keeping Dennis Kucinich in Congress.  Without his voice, where would we be?  Without his efforts, where would we be?  

    Please help Dennis!

  3. …and tahoe…

    Excellent essay.  I hope we will all do everything we can to keep Dennis in Congress, since we can’t have him for Prez, at least not now!

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