Cops vs. Skaters in Baltimore: Video leads to suspension! w/poll

On primary day in Maryland, here’s some interesting news coming out of Baltimore, with some interesting video.

Here it is:

From’s web article:…

A police officer shown on a YouTube video berating and roughly handling a skateboarder at the Inner Harbor was suspended on Monday.

The incident involving Officer Salvatore Rivieri, a 17-year-old veteran, is the subject of an internal affairs investigation, said Sterling Clifford, a spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department and the mayor’s office.

Officer Rivieri forgot the first lesson of dealing with skaters today: Get them to turn the video off before you go off. Video works both ways.

After he was suspended on Monday, Rivieri said, “I have no comment. Thank you.” Clifford said Monday afternoon that Mayor Sheila Dixon had not seen the video, but that its contents had been described to her and that she was “very displeased.”

“We have invested a lot of time and energy in having better relations between the community and the police,” Clifford said. “The bad behavior of one police officer can jeopardize a lot of hard work.”

While the skaters probably shouldn’t have been skating, there was no need for the over reaction by Officer Rivieri.

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