al-Sadr Spoke, and……

Series of rockets fired on Baghdad’s Green zone

Attacks come a day after al-Sadr orders extension of cease-fire

BAGHDAD – A series of rockets or mortars were fired toward the U.S.-protected Green Zone early Saturday, a day after radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered his Mahdi Army militia fighters to cease attacks for another six months.

Anybody want to guess who will be blamed for these?

The U.S. military blamed what it calls Iranian-backed Shiite militias for a series of deadly rocket attacks in Baghdad earlier this week, including one against U.S. outposts in Baghdad that wounded three American soldiers.

Gee, Iran and Shiite militias, seems they can’t claim al-Qaeda, wonder why that universal label wasn’t used, must be the big bad Iranian involvement?, you think!

The military said the extremists were among factions that have broken with al-Sadr and refused to follow his cease-fire order.

al-Sadr is a Nationalist and wants the U.S. occupation to end and the troops out of his country as do most of the Iraqi’s, especially those in these varied militias.

The U.S. Troops, and any Iraqi’s working with them are considered their enemies, than we have those religious extremists wanting to push their ideological religious beliefs on others, which wasn’t happening untill We Invaded! Also, as in any society, you have a criminal element that attempts to take advantage of the situation, a situation We Created! There are many twists and turns in a War Theater, especially one that has created the problems of Ethnically Cleansed Area’s, Refugee’s by the Millions, within and outside of Their Country, which once again is the situations We Created!

Is this a picture of what Iraq will face, as we Occupy, or if we leave, which We Created, it already is and not only in Basra.

Ominous Signs Remain in City Run by Iraqis

BASRA, Iraq – This southern port city has been, in effect, on its own since September, when British forces here moved to the outskirts, yielding authority to local leaders. British and American officials say Basra’s experiment in self-rule could serve as a model for Iraq’s future, but if so – many locals and outside advisers say – that future remains dark.

Basra has the nation’s best economic base, little ethnic tension within a homogeneous Shiite population and no Western occupation force to inflame nationalist tensions.

Lets see, Shiite’s, followers of al-Sadr.

Disappearances of doctors, teachers and other professionals are common, as are some clashes among competing militias, most of which are linked to political parties. Murder victims include judicial investigators, politicians and tribal sheiks. One especially disturbing trend is the slaying of at least 100 women in the last year, according to the police. The Iraqi authorities have blamed Shiite militiamen for many of those killing, saying the militants had probably deemed the women to be impious.

How many of the Shiite followers will heed al-Sadrs decree for another six month ceasefire?

As the first link might show the answer came rather quickly, as it was meant to, by Iraqi Nationalists!

How many of the Nationalist will look at the Turkish Invasion, of the North, as another Invasion of their country by an outside foreign force. Wether Kurd or not, they all lived within the borders established as Their Country. And with the seemingly Green Light by the U.S. what will be the ‘Blowback’ to Occupation Forces by the Turkish Invasion, big extremely dangerous question that only time will show, but it seems that question might have been answered as well with the attack on the Green Zone.

We’ve made Sadr the present poster boy in a F**KED UP situation We Created, who will be the next poster boy next week or the following weeks, now that Sadr has spoken!

How many of those, we now are paying, eventually turn back on our troops?

You might want to listen to this NPR Freshair interview, aired on thursday the 21st, before Sadrs decree was made public, Journalist Patrick Cockburn on Iraq’s Tenuous Calm

The cease-fire that’s kept Iraq’s Shiite militias in check for months is in danger of unraveling. At the same time, there’s a growing restlessness among some of the Sunni militias backed by the United States in the fight against al-Qaida in Iraq. Patrick Cockburn, author and Iraq correspondent for The Independent in London, joins Fresh Air to discuss what he sees as a tenuous calm in Iraq.

You can listen to the interview with this link, and there’s an excerpt from his book at the site link.

It’s way past 5yrs. overdue to try and correct what happened in the past and now this present Huge Historic, of the U.S., Foreign Policy Debacle, that will shape, and already has, the future this World now faces, especially this country!

Get all of Iraqs neighbors together and Seek their Help, religious and ethnic, in the attempt to bring Stability to this country We Destroyed. Stop condemning the Governments and those leaders, thus Condemning the people of, those at the receiving end will, and are, taking the steps of escalation needed, as they see the policies unfolding, to protect their countries and people, some of those people fully back the escalations of weapontry and forces!

The failed foreign policies of the past brought about the hatreds of the present, and the present failed policies bring on more and more hatreds!

No Blame should be placed on our Military Troops, for they are Us, and anything that Happens, especially the Atrosities Of War, in Our Created War Theater, is Done In Our Names!

A Nation cannot give Cheer to perceived Victory’s, in Wars of Choice, and be in Denial of All that Happens to those we’ve Destroyed, personally and as a country!

Start finally being what We As A Nation say we are, and Condemn what we’ve done in the past, Especially the Recent Past!!

” Every war, when viewed from the undistorted perspective of life’s sanctity, is a “civil war” waged by humanity against itself.”

Daisaku Ikeda