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OAC Archive: The Shaky Foundations of the Fight Against a Decent Minimum Wage

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BruceMcF in Arguments & Analyses, 7/06/2006 at 7:15 AM EST

This last Sunday, I was reading the local paper, and was surprised to “learn” that the proposed rise in the Minimum Wage would cost the Buckeye State 12,000 jobs.

The source was a study from the “Employment Policies Institute”. I do not know their story, but they appear to be opponents of minimum wage increases.

And then I looked into the details. And when I looked into the details, it turned out that the formal and professional looking report was built on a foundation of sand.

Pic: Strategy: Get the Employment Impacts in Fast Food wrong, then apply statewide

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I’m on Drugs and Being Tortured

The title of this diary is true. I am on drugs and being tortured. This is due to the fact that I am one lucky bastard, in that I have decent health insurance. Read on, I will attempt to be entertaining.

I’m Getting A B’Day Present

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WHOO HOO! does cartwheels

We are moving back into our home at the end of this month. It will have been 30 months since Betts and I slept in our house. Things won’t be finished there when this happens, but we’ll have enough ready for us to be able to use the place. One bathroom will be finished, same goes for the kitchen, our offices and the bedroom.

I can’t wait to see how our construction crew deals with us being around 24/7, much less having to deal with the katz bouncing off the walls. (Thank goodness that they are painting this week: I don’t want the walls “textured” with cat fur.) And we also have to remember not to walk around in bras and panties. giggles Hell, we need curtains! I don’t wish to be seen in the office windows as a Hollywood Hustler second story display ad.

The first thing I’m cooking in the new kitchen will be two huge vats of seafood gumbo, followed by a vat of clam chowder. Betts will want some escargot, I just know it. Being back in that kitchen will be a salve to the last 30 months of Hell.

When the gameroom is finally finished I order the billiards table. This is becoming so much fun: getting to decorate the house our way, not the way the boys did before we bought the place. It’s a bright and airy space. And this time, it is all us and no one else’s. We get to make the changes that we wanted to do in the 8 short months we owned the place before the Flood hit. (Sadly, the yards are going to take a long time to fix up… they look like Godzilla and King Kong held a wrestling match there.)

Finally, we are going home.  

Pony Party : Kiss Me Baby

Got to keep up that post Valentine’s glow. I know we all consider ourselves sexperts here in Dharmaland but you know they say education should be a life long persuit…

Now for your homework. Go practice!!!!!!!!

Please don’t rec pony party, hang out, chit chat and then go read one of the excellent offerings on our recent and rec’d list.

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