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More Lies About Torture In Guantanamo

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This Is What Torture Looks Like

How gullible are we?  How much nonsense will we consider truthful?  How many lies and contradictions and just plain nonsense about torture do we need to be told before we say, “Basta ya!  Enough already!”  The photo clearly depicts the torture of detainees prisoners at Guantanamo: stress positions and sensory deprivation.  But today the WaPo reports that Bushco says its activities don’t really cross the line and aren’t quite torture.

Join me behind the razor wire.

Sparking Real Religious Dialog?

This ought to really raise the ire of condemnation within the Fundamentalist Christian Community,

especially as practiced in the U.S..

Dialog already started

at site of this report, Story of Jesus Through Iranian Eyes

New Movie By Iranian Filmmaker Tells Story of Christianity From Muslim Perspective

You can also view their video report here.

Normalization of Satanic Memes

This sounds wonderful!  I’m going to tell you why it’s not.


Pay down you mortage quicker.  Have full control over your financial resources.

Sounds great?  Not.

Kristof on McCain: Whaaaa?

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Nicholas Kristof may be the most maddening of all the New York Times columnists.  His last two columns illustrate this perfectly. Last Thursday, he wrote a great column on the torture and incarceration of Sami al-Hajj  It was a rare traditional media expose and attack on this underreported story.  I wrote a comment to the piece suggesting that he do a follow-up column noting that Congress had just passed an anti-torture bill, but candidate McCain had voted no.

Today, his column is an inexplicable Valentine to McCain that excuses all of his pandering on numerous issues, and mentions merely in passing that he just voted for torture!

Pony Party: Sunday music retrospective

Carole King

Chicken Soup with Rice

Congressional races round 2: Alabama

I stopped re-posting my old series here, because….

I’m gonna start this again, updating it and changing the format.  

First of all, this time, I’m going alphabetically.  

Second, I’ll spend a little bit more time on the Democratic districts, particularly the ones that are even a little vulnerable.

Third, I’ll be more consistent in reporting

Fourth, I’ll cover more demographics

So, here we go

Docudharma Times Sunday February 17

This is an Open Thread:

Look at us- but don’t look at us in disgust

Because you know the reality and it’s time to adjust

Sunday’s Headlines: CIA’s ambitious post-9/11 spy plan crumbles: ’80s rules reform skews Democrats’ nominee process: Europe :Kosovo gears up for independence: Trafficked children ‘sent back to gangs’: Asia: An extraordinary encounter with Musharraf: China repents and seeks to woo Pope: Middle East: Israel kills terror chief with headrest bomb: Army intervenes in Beirut clashes: Africa: South Africa battles national identity crisis: Bush defends his decision to skirt Africa’s hot spots: Latin America: ‘Suitcase-gate’ gives cop her 15 minutes

Justice Official Defends Rough CIA Interrogations

Severe, Lasting Pain Is Torture, He Says

The Bush administration allowed CIA interrogators to use tactics that were “quite distressing, uncomfortable, even frightening,” as long as they did not cause enough severe and lasting pain to constitute illegal torture, a senior Justice Department official said last week.

In testimony before a House subcommittee, Steven G. Bradbury, the acting chief of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, spelled out how the administration regulated the CIA’s use of rough tactics and offered new details of how simulated drowning was used to compel disclosures by prisoners suspected of being al-Qaeda members.

“We Don’t Need No Stinking Corporate Sponsors”

This past Mardi Gras season found us with some city mooks that were actually trying to get sponsors to pony-up monies in order to hold the parades of Carnival. Here is my answer to these poops, my diatribe, my damned rant.

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It seems that our “wonderful” invisible Mayor was trying to sell out OUR traditions to the Corporate Pigs.

Mr. Nagin, OUR city’s gov’ment ain’t no freakin’ company: it belongs to the citizens. You are not a fucking CEO, you are OUR servant. Same holds true for anyone who works for OUR city gov’ment. You work for US.

The Social Contract states that we help each other, that we care for each other, and that we arrive at a common scheme of governance. Those who are part of that governance structure obey US. Get that one you jerks?

Not one of you fuckers have the right to sell our culture, our souls, our lives to the highest bidder. We will not allow any company’s “Brand” on us. We are not serfs.  And you and those misfits you have placed in City Hall are not overlords. (Remember the term “Civil Servants”?)

There will be no “Muses, sponsored by Monsanto” or “Proteus by Phillips”. Or “Comus provided by Chevrolet”.

Iglesia ……………………………………… Episode 33

(Iglesia is a serialized novel, published on Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight ET, you can read all of the episodes by clicking on the tag.)

Previous episode

“You don’t know what I value. And I promise you, anything you have to offer me I will do my godammdest best not to want. You can’t bribe me Slim.” But she didn’t mean it and they both knew it.

It was his turn to stare at her.

“How” she said.

“Pardon me? I am not quite sure I comprehend your meaning.”

“How, how will you do……it?”

She had stopped being quite so suddenly scared….at the prospect of getting what she wanted most….and her anger was starting to build heat out of that cold place she had gone to when she realized…very much against her will, that he did have the goods, that he did have what she wanted, that it was she who was going to have to deal. Yeah, the heat of the anger was replacing the coldness real well now, thank you. She loved her anger. This wasn’t the first time it had been the only source of warmth in her life.

My banner entry!

Well, here goes. I slapped this together in a few minutes.

The text and eyes are very tough because I just stole them from the current banner and didn’t have time to do a good crop job on them. If OPOL would send me the PSD then I’d fix it up. Any idea’s? Comments?

Figured I should at least try.

Fitness For Revolutionaries

I thought the title sounded way cooler than Fitness For Middle Aged Folks. Disclaimer: I am not a revolutionary, I am not a fitness or nutrition expert. Therefore, everything I say is open to dispute. Pretty much everything I say is open to dispute regardless of the topic.

We spend quite a bit of time dissecting and pruning and processing the elements that make up our spiritual/intellectual selves in order to determine where we fit and how we can make our small contributions here but not much on our physical selves.

Verbal and physical agitation takes some stamina, flexibility, and strength.

Too often talking about exercise or attempting it feels a bit like this….

Interrobang ?!?……..

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