Video Samizdat as a Prog. Pop. Strategy … How and Why

People don’t read, they watch TV.

Since the dawn of the Television Age, this has been a club that the Power That Be have hit us on the head with. People watch TV, and those with money can buy their way Onto TV, and those approved by the estalishment are Broadcast on TV News … and progressives, whether progressive elitists or progressive populists, are largely left out.

And when progressives get on, its because the trendy lefty cocktail set … could be New York, could be Hollywood, wherever … sniff about the inability of TV to cover any Important Issues … and so the progressive populists, about whom nobody sniffs if they are ignored, are left out entirely.

But … well, but the environment is diff’rent. The technology exists. We can do what the Russian dissidents did … we can spread our message by Samizdat.

And how do we get people to read it? Well, we hand them a video, and they can watch it on TV.

That’s the Video Samizdat Revolution.

And it hasn’t happened yet, but if you want it to, it can.

OK, so how does it work?

First, you need a Playlist on YouTube with the videos you want to use. It gives something that people in the campaign can email to each other, to look at and see if that’s what they want to go with. It gives something that, with care, can be embedded in blogs.

But, most importantly, it gives the videos all up somewhere where everyone puts video content to try to reach people, so there is no extra effort for the campaign you are supporting to get the video content in your hands. Everything they have, or that supporters of theirs have, to try to reach YouTubers and those blogs that can embed YouTube clips … is in your hands, to try out, and see if it makes a good show that packs the message you want.

Once the playlist is the way that everyone still in the group likes (and if not, the group can split, no harm, no foul … alternate playlists are not hard to put together!) … download the playlist as .flv files.

Then convert them to .mpg files (MPEG1).

Then burn that set of files as a Video CD (“White Book”, that is, VCD 1.1).

Then pop the Video CD into a DVD player, and see how it looks. If satisfied, start burning the image file onto as many Video CD’s as you are going to hand out.

Then print up enough information covers, cut and paste into VCD folders, and head out and hand out your “free samples”.

Of course, if someone hands you a VCD that you like, you can burn as many copies of it as you like and hand it out yourself.

Uh … that’s it. Except for the technical details of downloading and using freeware and open-source software to preform the main steps, covered in this JE08 campaign blog diary, you have a campaign tool for a progressive populist campaign that can actually bypass the media elites and get the message out, person to person.

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    • BruceMcF on February 1, 2008 at 12:30 am

    … continues on the Daily Kos, but the pace at Docudharma is more reasonable, so I can sit back and decide which Burning Midnight Oil in a week is best for Docudharma … after all, DD deserves the best.

    Burning the Midnight Oil tagpage.

    Note that any miscellaneous posts indexed for the band Midnight Oil will also get swept up … and I expect, that’s fine.

  1. I’ll add the “how to” tag to this.

    Here have some guacamole.

  2. of a band I was in.  Went to some shows and a music store.   Took a while to produce them made about 200 and everyone was happy to get them.  So they are a great marketing tool.  People are always curious as to what is on the magic recording implements.

    The same goes with Print.  Print out some fav posts and leave them around town. Put a cool picture on the cover perhaps.

    • pfiore8 on February 1, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    keep churning,  Bruce.

    and like your Midnight Oil columns!

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