Last night I placed a post here with this photo and the letter that accompanied THE BUTTON, and abit more.

A little refresher, THE BUTTON and the letter to the House and Senate members:

January 24, 2008

Dear Senator,

It is with great pleasure that I am able to present you with this limited edition “I am a Bush Republican” commemorative button on the occasion of President Bush’s final State of the Union Address. It would be a shame to let this event pass without a show of solidarity among those who have stood by him and enabled his legacy to be established on so many issues.

Without your steadfast support of President Bush’s domestic, foreign and economic policies, there is no doubt America would not be in the position it is in today. Please wear this button on Monday evening to show your constituents that you support President Bush, his policies and how proud you are of your contribution to his legacy.


Brad Woodhouse


Americans United for Change

Well today they have a Video to view:

AUFC I’m a Bush Republican Button Challenge Video

And some more.

They’ve put together an ad as well.

With President Bush’s last State of the Union just days away, Americans United for Change released the following ad:

Now on their site page  with this YouTube Video right now One Lone response can be found:

Your message is of hate and bleeding liberalism. You are what’s wrong with the country. This country could not have been founded by hand-out promisers like yourselves. Stand on your own two feet. Quit looking to the government to provide for you. Or are you too stupid to rely on yourself??

Don’t have a life? Get one….

or go live in another liberal bastion of the world…

One pissed off American in All over America | Friday, January 25 at 11:51 AM

That’s it folks!

Reading it I get the Impression, from the language choices and sig, the Vid was visited by jr. bush, what’d’ya think, jr prince or a patriot?

They also have a site link The Bush Legacy Project. Upon entering you are asked to answer this question:

President Bush Will Be Remembered As:

Take a trip over and give your answer so the bush can begin the Legacy Building with the help of his fellow citizens, better do it before we loose more of our freedoms, once we do someone will want to come to our Homeland and Destroy and Kill so they can bring us to Freedom and Democray!

After you help bush with his legacy you can enter the site and view another Video:

The Real State of the Union…

Call Bush’s Bluff

I’d place it, but than you might not help the whittle bush with his Legacy, so go on over!

There’s also a wealth of links to some power points and more.

Oh by the way, lets not disturb the intelligent response by One pissed off American in All over America, it deserves to stand alone!

Question: Why are there Primaries on Saturday, while when we Actually Vote, The Whole Country, it’s done on one day during the week, and not even a Holiday?