Open Meta Thread…Please Complain!

Tomorrow is the four month ‘anniversary’ of Docudharma!

(Sorry…. we can’t afford to buy actual fireworks yet, so here is a picture of a guy in a fireworks store!)


We have had well over a million page views, were rated #51 amongst liberal blogs, (h/t hornbeck!)are up to 1126 members and a whole bunch of other VERY impressive stats that people who are very impressed by stats would be very impressed by….if I knew where to find them or what they meant! Maybe OTB or nlob (two of the many hard working, behind the scenes folks who make this place go) can bring us up to date on that sort of thing in the comments.

But to me what really matters, more than the number of members or the traffic is the community. I firmly believe that if you have a good community, you have a good blog. And I can’t think of a better community in all of the blogosphere.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who participate here!

So, being that this is an INCREDIBLY important milestone in the history of all of humankind, I thought it would be a good excuse to have a bowl of nice warm Meta!

From my unavoidably skewed perspective…we are doing great! After a bit of a rough start and a few relatively minor blowups we are settled in and chugging along with just below the recommended daily allowance of drama and intrigue and soap opera-ish interaction that one could expect from a bunch of folks who subsist on a diet of Jolt and Cheetos and spend hours a day staring at little box!

But as I say, my perspective is skewed, and since I (as far as I know) coined the bromide “an unexamined blog is not worth reading,” it is time to open the floor to you, the average, normal, staid and respectable representatives of middle American values who post here.

< gets up off of floor and reattaches ass >

So bring out your dead complaints and observations and suggestions of all things Docudharma and I assure you that they will be assiduously ignored and scoffed at addressed.

Seriously, all feedback and suggestions ARE welcomed, so have at it!

The one continuing grumble I hear is about the banner…so below is a poll regarding modifying or replacing the banner. I think it is a great piece of work by OPOL and thank him much and hope he takes no offense at the well meant critiques. But I am also very open to finding something new as well, heck I wouldn’t mind having a new banner every three or four months to try to highlight some of the incredible creativity of the folks here.

I have been kicking around the idea of a banner contest type of deal to see what the creative folks here can come up with…what do y’all think?

Ok, that’s it for now! I’ll don my armor …


And go to my happy place where I pretend to not take things personally…. Photobucket

And you may fire at will! (or me!)

Is the Pony/Pie/Hide rating system too cutsie?

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  1. Photobucket

    • pfiore8 on January 12, 2008 at 8:16 pm

    you’re stubborn and ornery and, well thanks for this wonderful place. and bringing together these crazy, lovely, whacky, brash, and brilliant people.

    love… pf8

    • documel on January 12, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    I’ve enjoyed this spot early on.  Thanks.

    When the farce of bushie is written, should the screenplay be by Mel Brooks or the Colbert crew.  Being an old fart, I vote for Brooks–but would enjoy Colbert parody.  Maybe a double feature!!  The History of the World, Last Part.

  2. I might be insulted….. 🙂

  3. I’ve said it before, so now I’ll say it again.  I really like it here.  I find this a remarkably thoughtful, kind, intelligent, witty place.  Believe it or not, I don’t have anything worth complaining about.

    Mazel tov y felicidades!

  4. Kill Devil Hills, July 4, 2006

  5. An entirely self aggrandizing post.  And an apology for my online persona, of sorts.

    Somthing that’s all about me.  The gentle reader will forgive me, won’t he or she?  After all, this is a select community.  We deserve to know who we’re talking to.  That’s the problem with this medium, in my opinion.  Many voices, no background.  Or do we know too much?  And for those who claim they don’t like the alienation of cyberspace, are you not all hypocrites, if you dislike this post?

    There is history that many people on Docudharma might not realize.  For example, with one of the front page posters.  

    I like Robyn a lot, but our cyber relationship as it was, was born in — at least in the virtual sense — blood and fire.  You see, Robyn likes Hillary Clinton, a lot.  And we disagree, vociferously if I can be allowed, on that.

    Personally, I hate/despise Hillary Clinton.  

    I don’t hate her (Hillary) because she’s a woman.  I hate her because I see her as a symptom.  The symptom being, a manner of cost allocation in our society as it exists at present.  And this comes from, among other things, her approval of measures designed to punish burning of the American Flag.

    I might need that, you see, in a future perhaps only I can see.

    See, I am cynical about many of the front page posts.  Part of the reason is, there is a cost-to-benefit analysis going on .. and that cost-to-benefit analysis has to do with social unity among the left versus the corporarist impuluses among the right.  There is, you see, a zone, where these things are not in conflict, and to be honest, this is exactly what I feel I have been seeing.

    You on Docudharma can have much of what you are looking for, and the tempters are always there.  War is only one way to make profit.  There are other ways.  

    For example, there is humanism versus needs.

    I have to admit, a few days ago I posted something as a test.  A quasi-test, really.

    I got a grand total of 3 recommenders and no comments.  You see, the pages of Docudharma are alive with tales of the pogrom going on in Iraq .. 150,000 people?  Who could not weep?  But as the light of a star causes the planets next to it to pale in comparison, lost in the glare is the fact that gay Iraqis are being systematically eliminated by their government with the tacit approval of the United States.

    Nobody wants to talk about it, eh?  Or is it that the horror is too big?

    The world is bigger than you, it’s bigger than me, and to me, it’s like Hurricane Katrina.  There are liberal posters who will not — left to their own devices — use the word gay no matter how much they want to paint themselves as liberals.  Oh yeah, they’re very friendly and very “supportive”.  I appreciate that.  I really do — I don’t mean that as a brush off.  

    Unfair, you say?  Well, I will not disagree with you.  But, to me, I was born in blood and fire.

    And I am being nursed in blood and fire.  I am 43 years old, and slowing down, but I feel like I am something of a poster boy.  A poster boy because of Barack Obama, because of John Aravosis.  Because of the cynical manipulators and platitude speakers in our society.  The people who speak of pragmatism and hope out of either side of the mouth or other.  

    In many ways I am privileged — I see that.  I loved LithiumCola’s posts, much as I observed he could not in his own mind (and entirely unfairly — judging him after the fact) be brought to utter the word gay in his speech about the far left.

    I wonder the same thing about OPOL, frankly, and buddydharma and many other speakers of what is today comfortingly thought of as the far left, while at the same time realizing I myself am not the far left but only that segment as is divorced from every other.  The dividers, you see, have won.  They’ve already won, and the task before us is to reverse the victory that was already achieved.  Buddydharma, and OPOL, and Robyn, and myself, I have come to understand — we’re already victims.

    As I have grown in my blogdom I have come to realize that words can be taken in a far harsher light than they were originally intended, and beyond that, emotions tend to become magnified.  Sometimes I actually laugh at myself.  I call myself “emo boy” when it comes to the blogs.  Being able to laugh at yourself is sometimes the first step, eh?

    And I find myself with many posts wanting to utter these banal words: “But you gotta understand”.

    I wasn’t fair and couldn’t be fair to the people on Daily Kos — that is why I left.  I faced a fork in the road — the road that leads either here or to places like “Political flesh feast”.  Problem is, I am a liker of people — to my detriment I sometimes think — and that is why I guess in the final analysis I wound up here.

    For now.

    You see I don’t see myself as part of any community.  I am an alien.  

    I am gay, but I have no gay friends.  I am a geek, but I don’t see things in geek terms — where most people approach the technology field I come from in terms of math, I approach it in terms of language.  The best teacher I ever had once said, “math is nothing more or less than good english”.

    Beyond that, I am sorta autistic.  Unlike probably many of you, I have had to learn to care about such prosaic things as “hygiene” and not putting off other people due to what I understand as surface bullshit.

    So in a nutshell, for the people on Docudharma, here is who I am:

    1.  I am a self made man.  I distrust academics.  Partly because I am distrustful of those who can’t “talk straight”.  I am very resourceful and have managed for 43 years without a college degree in some very intellectual fields.  At the same time, I am very divided about all this.  Academics are arrogant and on the other hand the right has been busily working to destroy them, lo, all these long years.  It is because they’re inconvenient to the right and untrustworthy.  

    2.  I can see things you probably can’t.  When taken beyond its natural sphere, that probably manifests as something you would call “arrogance”.  But, really .. it is narrow and I sometimes take it beyond what the gift was designed for .. I can.  For one thing I can literally see abstractions in a way that most people can’t.  Imagination is one thing; literally seeing is something else altogether.  I can “see” in a way I have come to understand most people cannot.  It’s taken me almost up until the present to realize that for most humans, to do what I can do in my narrow, tiny little way, is literally impossible, LOL.  Don’t get me wrong — I’m not claiming I can see reality en toto better than other humans.  It really is about mental models.  Imagine a person with a little holographic projector in his head and you sort of understand what I’m talkng about — but that would only be a start!

    3.  Listen to buddydharma and LithiumCola and OPOL and all the rest.  If anything, the reality is worse than their worst nightmares.  People are being exterminated in this world and in this country, and the execrable fact is, it’s the tip of the iceberg.  I am not entirely trusting — I am not sure.  I know the aforementioned people care about people; and that’s enough; certainly enough for me.  I just don’t trust — you see, I can’t.  

    4.  I have become distrustful of liberals.  I don’t see them as living up to their rhetoric.  They believe in freedom — just not freedom for me and mine.  Their actions testify to this fundamental truth.  I believe that for liberalism to have victory, to have a resurgence, it has to say what it means and mean what it says.  I don’t like, by the way, the word “progressive”.  Too often that word has nothing to do with progress and even less to do with liberalism.

    I really admire people such as Whoopie Goldberg.  I think they see what there is to see.  

  6. ..holds up fingers…

    complaints: my hair itches and my socks are too tight

    hey look!

  7.  VISITS

      Total 125,792  

      Average Per Day 704  

      Average Visit Length 16:18  

      Last Hour 46  

      Today 283  

      This Week 4,931  


      Total 1,291,404  

      Average Per Day 6,274  

      Average Per Visit 8.9  

      Last Hour 538  

      Today 3,032  

      This Week 43,916  

  8. complain but it is a great place to try and lasso (is that the right spelling) you know, rope in, a few wandering thoughts about the place the blogosphere has landed in our collective consciousness.  I realise that it takes the place of ‘community’, a giant coffee house where everyone’s voice is entitled to be heard.

    Like in real life often one has to yell louder in order to be heard above the babel, but sometimes too, in the stillness between the storms, a small quiet voice drops like a pebble in a pond and spreads ripples far and wide, almost as powerful as the faint displacement of the air that emanates far away in the jungle from a butterfly’s wing.

    Of course, conversely the thought, spoken or written can just as easily crash unbidden into the windscreen of an eighteen wheeler barreling along life’s highway at nintey miles an hour causing a monstrous pileup, fiery burning vehicles and a myriad deaths.

    We all can participate and we all use the opportunity to communicate in different ways and for different reasons. It improves our communication skills, sharpens our edge, hones our knives, eases our pain, makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us sulk, makes us triumphant, broadens our horizons, narrows our focus.

    It is the 21st century way in which We the People have been granted to talk to each other and listen to each other.  And if what they say, all this electronic chatter will evenutually reach the stars and who knows may even elicit a response?  a million years from now?

    Wouldn’t that be a gas!!!!!!!! Contact at last.  Although sometimes I wonder from some of the conversation they have already arrived, so alien are some people’s thoughts.  As mine must be to them.

  9. I wanted something other than roses, I want my middle aged mind transplanted on to the body of a much younger woman who is much cuter, there are way too many people here smarter than me, my hockey team is having a bad season, my camera just broke, on and on and on…

    Other than that I am having a very good time here.

  10. Achooo! Sniff….wheeze (I hab a code)

    I’ve been very spotty here in my participation of late – first holiday distraction from computers in general, and then working too much for my own damn good… hence the code to force me to get more rest.

    I think this blog is great- the way it functions and looks and all that techy jazz. The banner don’t bother me none, though I do appreciate the smaller size. I’ve been very impressed with all that nlob has been doing to promote and enhance. But more important than the techy stuff, I think the people who participate here are the perfect blend of smart, sweet, snark, rebel and compassionate all mixed together. And we have Armando too! (I kid, I kid!)

    I’ve spent some time delving back into GOS lately and wow, I’m hightailing it away from there for sure till the election mania dies down. Once work mellows out a bit I’ll try to resume my faltered “Doing it for ourselves” series and be more vocal again. I hope there have been pooties posted for Nocatz in my absence… if not… meow meow meow for good measure! 🙂

    Sniffle, wheeze… gotta go to the drug store to buy drugs now. Wheeeeeee!

    Oh, and here’s a funny vid thrashing the Nudger, Chimpy McCokespoon, set to a really offensive Frank Zappa song. If you have virgin ears or are excessively pc, don’t listen to this, otherwise Enjoy!

    • kj on January 12, 2008 at 9:36 pm


    wasssa matter with you, Buhdy?  red roses, blah!  too floweryshopy.  do you have something against lilies or daisies or somethin?  or  dandilions????


    • Viet71 on January 12, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    What is that in terms of human or dog years?

  11. At least you’re not pushing for us to vote for Mitt Romeney, unlike the leader of another blogging community which shall go nameless (Big Orange)…ooops…you didn’t actually see me write Big Orange so I could argue that it was an electronic glitch that put it there.

  12. Layout – you don’t want to ask me (the design impaired)

    People – amazing (normal is not all its cracked up to be)

    Conversations – the best

    Thanks buhdy and friends!!

  13. and best wishes for another 40 years!

  14. You didn’t whore our #51 ranking!

  15. complaints? eh, I got nothin. this place rocks. the banner’s cool. John Lennon and Buddha should be at the top of every blog.

  16. I get a daily report with some of the search terms that people used to land on our site.  Here are some of the stranger ones:

    – edna dognapping

    – zool zulkowit

    – how to deal with unwanted guest

    – shake hands with tomorrow. it’s here.

    – smuppy

    – thinks twice about fortified trucks

    – christmas striptease

    – there’s a reason to be jolly christmas

    – blandness girl

    – why men seak to each other ignore women

    – feminine wiles in the epic of gilgamesh

    – there’s one staying put in his proper place and there’s one with his foot in the other one’s face

    – todd theres a hole in the earth deep as a pit and the  people there are full of shit london

    – smoke lilies jade bruce nugent summary

    – take-it-or-leave-it ultimatum in negotiation

    – double walled log cabin

    – poem about streptococcus pneumoniae

    – spillover subprime crisis dummies

    there are 3240 links to

    3270 pages are indexed by Google

  17. Sorry, no complaints here :p

    All the technical and layout changes have been great!  Well, as far as I can tell…The inner workings and structure are a totally mystery to me, so it’s fun to get periodic updates from that side of things too.  

    The writing here keeps my head full of interesting thoughts throughout the days and I tend to read back through stuff I’ve missed when I’m gone.  It’s all good in my opinion 🙂

    Happy anniversary Docudharma!

    • Pluto on January 13, 2008 at 12:42 am

    All I have is a complement — this is the only Soapblox blog I’ve been on that I haven’t wanted to redesign. Well, I might make the blue links just a tinge greener, but hey, you can bit-diddle yourself into a mental hospital if you’re not careful.

    It’s a fine community and generous, as well. And you have a very light touch, Buhdy, which is the greatest gift in a community manager. I would trust that you pass on that light touch to your local authorities.

    Do you possess every damn pony photo on the internet? I can’t find any that you have not already used. What’s up with that? I bet you have this one, too.

    • mishima on January 13, 2008 at 1:04 am

    I’ve nothing to complain about.

  18. is that there aren’t enough puppy pictures.

    Like this!  


    Other than that, I can’t think of anything that needs improvement.  

    • Zwoof on January 13, 2008 at 2:56 am

    I wish we could have the auto refresh feature of DKos.  IMO, that’s the only reason it is at the top of the blog heap. (that and Meteor Blades and Krago X)

    Since I’m on the other end of the tubes, the page full refresh drives me crazy.

    Content wise……no problemo

    Banner….. if you rotate it, use the same fonts and just change background occasionally.

    Also, I think we should be able to sell our low UID’s to n00bz 😉

  19. Congrats on a great place to come feel at home, & that`s where the heart is.

    Here`s a sparkler for the crowd.

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