Mike says: ” “It’s the War,” Says Iowa to Hillary “

And adds — And a “Happy Blue Year” To All!

Michael Moore has it partly right, a Big Part, for the Failed Foreign Policies, The War in Iraq and on Terrorism, of this Incompetant, Corrupt Administration will be defining what this Country faces for Decades!

We have Set In Stone, what many in the World, had already thought about Us. And in doing so have Created even More Hatreds, towards the Country, but even more Damaging, towards Us the Citizens Of!

Can ‘We The People’ repair All the damage done, time will tell, but that time will be stamped with more Destruction and Death, and only ‘We The People’ can Hope to Minimize and Reverse All that has happened!

Mike writes:

There was no doubt about it. The message from Iowa tonight was simple, but deafening:

If you’re a candidate for President, and you voted for the war, you lose. And if you voted and voted and voted for the war — and never once showed any remorse — you really lose.

In short, if you had something to do with keeping us in this war for four-plus years, you are not allowed to be the next president of the United States.

This isn’t only about a message being sent to Presidential Candidates, this should be the Message seen Round The World, for Anyone seeking to be Hired for the jobs of Representing the People, of this Country, and Any and All they Hire, in our names and on our payroll, that surround them and Help Them Make the Policies of What This Country Should Be and Stands For!

This is the Message that has always been there but Rarely Practised except in the Words We Use, our Actions have shown otherwise, Worldwide, as well as in this Country!

Mike continues, showing point he is making:

Over 70% of Iowan Democrats voted for candidates who either never voted for the invasion of Iraq (Obama, Richardson, Kucinich) or who have since admitted their mistake (Edwards, Biden, Dodd).

There is one who has been speaking about that message:

John Edwards was supposed to have come in third. He had been written off. He was outspent by the other front-runners six to one.

But somewhere along the road he threw off the old politico hack jacket and turned into a real person, a fighter for the poor, for the uninsured, for peace.

The rest in this field of Candidates, for President, take Heed, for that’s the Message of this Countries People. And Any running for National Office or seeking jobs within, clean your ears out, your Bosses – The People – Are Speaking!

But, as Joshua Holland of AlterNet pointed out earlier today, Edwards is still the only front-runner who will pull out all the troops and do it as quickly as possible. His speech tonight was brilliant and moving.

This quote, from Mike, can’t be passed by:

What an amazing night, not just for Barack Obama, but for America. I know that Senator Obama is so much more than simply the color of his skin, but all of us must acknowledge — and celebrate — the fact that one of the whitest states in the U.S. just voted for a black man to be our next president. Thank you, Iowa, for this historic moment. Thank you for at least letting us believe that we are better than what we often seem to be. And to have so many young people come out and vote — and vote for Obama — this is a proud moment. It all began with the record youth turnout in 2004 — the ONLY age group that Kerry won — and they came back out tonight en force. Good on every single one of you!

I too Congradulate the Youth, for we older Adults are not now Leaving you the World We Should, nor A Better Life, too much has been screwed up and We Allowed it to happen. We Need your Help to Correct the Mistakes made and Change the Policies that led us down this road!

A little insight:

the most important news out of the caucus this evening was the whopping, room-busting turnout of Democrats. 239,000 people showed up to vote Democratic tonight (93% more than in ’04, which was a record year), while only 115,000 showed up to vote Republican. And this is a red state! The Republican caucuses looked anemic. The looks on their faces were glum, tired. As the camera followed some of them into their caucus sites, they held their heads down or turned away, sorta like criminals on a perp walk. They know their days of power are over. They know their guy blew it.

It isn’t only the Puppet, it’s the whole Political Party still going by the label ‘Republican’, From their ‘Do Nothing, but Rubber Stamp, Representatives’ when they held All the branches, to the ‘Still Rubber Stamping Obstructionists’ of the present branches and focus groups members. If there were Voices of Opposition, within the republican party, I certainly didn’t hear them, meaning All who still use the ‘R’, after their names, excepted Everything that has been proposed and rubber stamped in Your Names!

The Corruption, the Incompetance, the Failed Policies, the Death and Destruction, and Oh So Much More………..! And by doing so you have placed any and all Guilt and Responsibility in All Our Names!

If you didn’t receive Mikes message take a trip over and read it, it’s one of many, that are coming out, that won’t dissapoint.

But there is Much Much More that needs to be changed, on the World Stage but also Within this Country, and that Change now needs to Happen, Starting Now!

Those of us born during or right after WWII grew up in a World of Hard Working Parents who, through their Hard Work and Activism, brought about  Great Changes, personal and in the workplace, that gave Us a much better Country and Society and a better life for their children, Us! It wasn’t always perfect nor did their actions always win, but it set down a Direction that should have been Expanded and not allowed to be trampled on or ignored! It also gave us the lessons of what Activism ‘By The People’ can do, for We Are The Country and We Do The Hiring!

Yesterday, on NPR’s Fresh Air there was an interview, that if you missed it you should listen in to, it was with David Cay Johnston on his investigative reporting and new book, it’s an eye opener for those who haven’t been paying attention.

David Cay Johnston on How the Rich Get Richer

Listen Now [38 min 41 sec]

Fresh Air from WHYY, January 3, 2008 · Investigative reporter David Cay Johnston explores in his new book how in recent years, government subsidies and new regulations have quietly funneled money from the poor and the middle class to the rich and politically connected.

Cay Johnston covers tax policy for The New York Times, where he won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on that beat. His previous book, Perfectly Legal: The Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich–and CheatEverybody Else, was a best seller.

The new book, which expands the inquiry beyond tax policy into a whole range of regulatory machinery, is titled Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and StickYou with the Bill).

Many have watched these policies taking place and have voiced their opposition or tried to get others to pay attention. These are Policies that need to be Reversed, and Quickly, along with so many more, if we are to Really Become what we Think We Are!

We are a Nation of Hard Workers, or once were, that should be our Capitalist Society and Ideology, Not a Nation Controlled by Wall Street Stock Traders and Investors!

Today, over at Alternet there’s a post Is Selfish Capitalism Driving Us Mad? following similar lines as above, but with a twist, as you can see by the title.

The growth in greedy consumerism over the past 20 years is taking a heavy toll on the mental health of English-speaking nations.

If we don’t want this Whole Society to Collapse, as others in the past have, We Need To Make The Changes Starting NOW!!!!!