Is prejudice and discrimination wrong?

I’m going to use one example for this argument. Kids competing to get into college. But first, let me say a few general things.

It seems to me that (and my POV only):

1. Many of us talk about discrimination/prejudice in a way the precludes honest personal feelings filtering into the conversation. We prefer a more clinical and abstract approach, imo.

2. Many of us judge others to be wrong if they do discriminate or are prejudice and refuse to give them credibility for their feelings/behaviors. Some of us think this is about right/wrong but ethics evolve… people don’t own forced thinking/behavior. They need to evolve into it. In the larger sense, humans engage in objectifying others for what I can only imagine as their perception of survival.

3. Many of us think discrimination/prejudice is only one-way and

4. It’s okay for some of us to call human beings rethugs and wingnuts with as much venom as one can spew the word nigger

5. I’m gonna get hammered for this, but I’m tired of talking about this with gloves on. It’s gloves off

Okay. To my example of kids getting into college.