Hugo Chavez: Two FARC hostages released!

After having other attempts to return hostages from FARC not go through, today must be a good day for two former hostages, as well as President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela!

Colombian leftist guerrillas free two high-level hostages

Bogotá, Colombia – Colombian leftist guerrillas released two of their most prized hostages Thursday, in a deal brokered by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez that could pave the way for a broad agreement for the liberation of dozens of others being held in rebel camps.

Politicians Clara Rojas and Consuelo Gonzalez were whisked from the jungles of southern Colombia where they had been held for six years to the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, into the embrace of their families.

Say what one will about the President of Venezuela, this is a high level victory for Chavez!

As for other FARC hostages, and the civil war between Columbia and the FARC, Chavez had this to say:

“We are ready, and in contact with the FARC, and we hope the Colombian government understands,” Chávez said. “The world wants peace for Colombia

At least for today, I think we can all agree:

Viva Hugo!

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  1. I wonder how this weill be spun by the MSM, if it’s reported at all?

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