Debate: Should Edwards supporters prefer Obama or Clinton?

John Edwards recently suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination for President, saying “It is time for me to step aside so that history can blaze its path” and reminding us all that “We must do better if we want to live up to the promise of this country we love so much.” He ran a strong campaign that influenced the positions of both Obama and Clinton. Naturally his supporters are disappointed. Many of them vote this upcoming Tuesday and are now trying to decide whether Obama or Clinton deserves their vote.

I know that discussion of this topic is often heated and so I was hoping to try a different format to allow everyone to help lay out a logical case for why Edwards supporters should (or should not) consider Obama, and also why Edwards supporters should (or should not) consider Clinton. I’ve set up a debate at the neutral third-party site cruxlux, which has a format specifically tailored to structured point-counterpoint debate and incorporates user feedback on arguments. I’ve created a skeleton framework for the debate and now you can add arguments, comment, give points, or engage in conversation on any aspect of the topic of interest to you. Everyone is invited to participate — Edwards, Obama, or Clinton supporters, or none-of-the-aboves — and hopefully the end result will be a constructive examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the Democratic candidates from the perspective of an Edwards supporter.

Come explore the pros and cons of Obama and Clinton as Edwards might judge them.

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Essays written for this debate:

** Some reasons for Edwards supporters to prefer Obama

We are also linking all essays written today on this topic here, so if you write something on your blog please comment below and it will be added to the list. Comments at the original post are encouraged, of course, but please feel free to incorporate that discussion into the large-scale cruxlux debate as well.

Our last debate discussed the pros and cons of the Electoral College.  

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  1. whatever your position, instead of the typical flamewar around candidate diaries.  

  2. Do you prefer Satan or Satan’s highest minion?  It implies I should “get behind” one of them simply because they claim affiliation to the Democrat Party?

    Obama voted patriot act renewal and in my book that alone makes him as guilty as Bush for all the atrocities of the war and loss of our Constitution.  He is complacent therefor guilty.

    Billary, well they are solidly owned by a group called Bildeburg and even a US election loss will mean certain graduation to globalist organizations creating misery in the world.

    Ron Paul, not fully owned by globo-corp!

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