Classy: NBC disinvites Dennis Kucinich to 1/15 debate after publicly inviting him! w/poll

Well, the big three only supporters have their wish.  The January 15 debate will now be a three centerist candidate confab!


NBC un-plugs Kucinich from Presidential debate  

Re-writes criteria to exclude candidate with ‘dissenting’ positions

Less than 44 hours after NBC sent a congratulatory note and an invitation to Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich to participate in the Jan. 15 Democratic Presidential debate in Las Vegas, the network notified the campaign this morning it was changing it announced criteria, rescinding its invitation, and excluding Kucinich from the debate.

NBC Political Director Chuck Todd notified the Kucinich campaign this morning that, although Kucinich had met the qualification criteria publicly announced on December 28, the network was “re-doing” the criteria, excluding Kucinich, and planning to invite only Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and former senator John Edwards.

So, Dennis meets their criteria for the debate.  NBC even sends Dennis a congratulatory letter and an invitation to the debate.  Ah, but since it’s their microphone, they can call a re-do anytime they want, and they did.  Class act, NBC, don’t you think?

The criteria announced last month included a fourth-place or better showing in a national poll. The USA/Gallup poll earlier this month showed Kucinich in fourth place among the Democratic contenders.

In an email to the Kucinich campaign at 2:35 p.m. on Wednesday, January 9, Democratic Party debates consultant Jenny Backus wrote:

“Congratulations on another hard-fought contest. Now that New Hampshire is over, we are on to Nevada and our Presidential Debate on Tuesday January 15. This letter serves as an official invitation for your candidate to participate in the Nevada Presidential Debate at Cashman Theatre in downtown Las Vegas. You have met the criteria set by NBC and the Debate.”

Not that it really matters, right?  All centerism, all the time!  Just what this party needs!  I wonder if Keith will cover this on ‘Countdown.’  Probably not, since Dennis doesn’t exist on ‘Countdown’ as far as I can tell.  Maybe Rachel Maddow will mention it next time she’s on the air.

Todd notified the Kucinich campaign this morning that the network had decided to change the criteria and limit participation in the debate to only three candidates.

The centerists should be happy!  Why?

Kucinich is the only remaining Democratic Presidential candidate who: voted against the original Iraq War authorization in 2002 and every war-funding measure since; voted against the so-called Patriot Act; advocates a national, not-for-profit health system that covers all Americans; has called for the repeal of NAFTA and withdrawal from the WTO; and proposes a national back-to-work program (Works Green Administration) patterned after the Depression-era Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Hey, it’s not like NBC is owned by General Electric (one of the nation’s leading, if not the leading, military contractors).  Oh…they are?  Hmmmm….

The Kucinich campaign, which filed an emergency complaint with the Federal Communications Commission last week because of ABC’s decision to exclude the candidate from a nationally televised debate, is considering legal action to address “the blatant disregard of the public interest in silencing public debate that dissents with the views of NBC, its parent company, GE, and all of the military contractors and their candidate-funding corporate interests. Corporate control of the media is one issue. Corporate media control of the information that is allowed to reach American citizens is much more dangerous, much more sinister, and much more un-American.”

Sinister and un-american!  It’s time for the tin-foil hats!  Except, NBC admits that they re-did the criteria so that only the three centerists would appear on the stage.  Changing the rules in the middle of a contest?  How WWE of NBC!

“When ‘big media’ exert their unbridled control over what Americans can see, hear, and read, then the Constitutional power and right of the citizens to vote is being vetoed by multi-billion corporations that want the votes to go their way,” the Kucinich campaign said.

And what GE wants America to hear fromt the Democrats is the centerist position.  Period.

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  1. Class act, NBC/GE!

  2. So now it’s clear that the MEDIA will judge which candidates will be heard by Americans and which will not.

    This is so despicable and so totally contrary to what used to be a sense of American fairness.  Every day, things get a little sicker.

    Dennis must certainly seem a threat in some way — like, just maybe he would present the truths.

    I am just sick!

  3. of the imminent Apocalypse is “bad” for ratings.

    I’m already relieved though to be done with the entire 2008 selection for pResident process.  I will spare myself the false hope and galactic letdown of 2006.  I need only to watch the final blow to determine what type of future memes will be used in burying the corpse that was America.

    Instead of listening to marketing points I can search for emerging nanotech frankenfoods, check out the latest survivalist techniques or get more books on homeopathic remedies.

  4. Received this this evening:

    URGENT: Help defend the rights of American voters


    Once again, America is faced with questions about the integrity of machine-counted ballots and about the rights of Americans to decide for themselves who they should be allowed to vote for in this crucial Presidential election.

    In New Hampshire, it’s a question of whether votes were counted or manipulated. In Nevada, it’s a question of whether the GE-owned NBC television network should have the power to decide who your choices should be for President.

    The vote counts in New Hampshire are suspicious. And, today’s decision by NBC to exclude Dennis from next week’s Presidential debate – even though he met the criteria – is outrageous. And, we need your help to deal with both of these matters.

    Because of the unexplained disparities between hand-counted and machine-counted ballots in New Hampshire, Dennis has asked for a recount. “I am not making this request in the expectation that a recount will significantly affect the number of votes that were cast on my behalf,” Dennis said in his letter to the Secretary of State of New Hampshire. But, he cited “serious and credible reports, allegations and rumors” that question the integrity of the machine-controlled process.

    If New Hampshire agrees to a recount, this campaign will have to pay for it. And we can’t investigate what happened in New Hampshire – or protect every other state in the Union – without your help.

    Likewise, NBC and MSNBC have made a corporate decision to exclude the one and only voice who represents you and those things that the Democratic Party should stand for. If you are as outraged as we are, feel free to call:

    NBC/MSNBC at 212 664-4444 and ask for the Comment Line or

    email NBC/MSNBC at

    PLEASE share this message with everyone you know so that the voice of the people will be heard and their votes WILL be counted.

    Strength through Peace,

    The Kucinich Campaign

    • feline on January 12, 2008 at 6:35 am

    fuckers running our country.

    Boycott the GE products as much as possible, such as their appliances and household items

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